""God so love the World that he send his only begotten son that John 3:16-18..



                              MY CALL TO SERVE THE LORD OF ALL GLORY




IF there is one thing compelling in life, it is ones ‘call’ to serve the Lord of all glory with total dedication and consecration. On March 22, 1998, at midday when I had just finished reading the “word” in my house after Sunday services, the power of God came upon me and I saw a vision of the Lord. Caught up in a trance, I looked up and saw the throne of God where He dwells in a light that no eyes can approach (1st Timothy 6:16). A golden lampstand with a star sparkling on it descended upon me and settled (Revelation 1:20).

 Coming out of trance and the end of vision, I felt some fi re burning in my heart as if I was to be consumed. This marvellous experience which in my spirit was announcing the beginning of great exploits with the Lord moved me to go down on my knees and worship God.

 On November 7, 1998, the Lord told me before sun rise: ‘‘ I am setting you aside for a specific task to do for me ’’. To be honest, I was still very young in the methods of the Lord and did not know exactly how to proceed with  Him into the details. Later, on November 18, 1998, a Prophecy came through a woman of God, minister of the body of Christ in the Local assembly saying that:

‘‘The Lord was setting me aside to do a specific work for Him, and my reward will be great in Heaven’’. The elders led by the Lord, laid hands on me in prayer with the entire assembly commending me to the Lord. Being just a confirmation of what I earlier knew, only increased the burden. Henceforth, numerous spiritual encounters and experiences completely transformed my spiritual life.

 Later, on November 26, 1998, I saw a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ appearing on the clouds in a light brighter than the sun; the wedding feast with the glorious Lamb that revolted my spirit since then, against living in this  world which is indeed a dustbin. As I under went the formation and equipping process with the Lord, characterised by hard discipline of the Holy Spirit, I received numerous revelations on his Word.

 On June 7 , 2001 I received a vision of slaughter on the Day of the Lord (Rapture); and hell that has kept my spirit permanently trembling against any disobedience, as I strive for service unto the Lord and eternal life.

 On November 10, 2004, I had a vision in which the entire earth and skies above came under deep darkness. In this vision early that morning before sunrise, I saw the stars disappeared, the moon and the sun appeared “ half -shaped” loosing it’s light; with the moon as red as blood. Some frightful creatures appeared in the sky moving from one direction to another. I went down on my kneels face down. The Spirit ministered to me:

 “ What you have just seen is written in the Bible, and will soon come to pass”. As this vision ended and I got up, the Spirit led me to Matthew 24:29-31; Luke 21:25-36, Mark 15:24-27, Rev.6: 12-17, which gave me more understanding. Yes! Jesus Christ is coming soon! Are you ready? God is getting into the last phase of His work now, for the end to come.

  This commission which is more and more clearer to me now, cuts across: Matthew 24:15 = Daniel 7: 25 = Revelations 14: 9-12. These constitute a very unpopular message for the present day Church that I wonder if it will be listened to, if the Lord Himself does not directly convict the heart of His saints. As I kept on the equipping process with the Lord and becoming more and more enlightened on the task He was setting me aside for, and writing out the detailed unpopular messages, then came Saturday March 10, 2007 at the rising sun, the Lord God spoke to me:





 As he spoke, he reminded me on what he had earlier told me on November 7, 1998(setting me aside for a specific task to do for Him), and said I got into some confusion that wasted time. As I wept admitting it because he had spoken to me of this confusion on August 17th , 2005; and was struggling to explain things to Him, our conversion ended. When I got up, fear ceased my heart as I saw again in a new way, the unpopular nature of this message. As I prayed for courage and pleaded that He does the work Himself, he told me: ‘‘ You will succeed, not by might nor by your own strength, but by my  Spirit ’’.

Dear Children of God,

It is against the background of this very brief summary that you have before you,  this Ministry and this Book: Imminent End of the World! Fire soon to dissolve the earth and all the Works on it in this 3rd Millennium", which is bearing message on the last phase of God's work, for the Rapture at any moment. Yes! The Bible says: Surely the lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants, the prophets. The lion has roared; who will not fear? The Lord God has spoken; who can but prophesy?(Amos 3:7-8).


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