As an honest servant of the LORD who knows that lying is sinful, and a Paramedical  Practitioner , I can honestly testify  from my own very patients that this natural product is very effect for treatment.

     If as such, then why will I not inform my brethren in Christ worldwide suffering from diverse health hazards and wasting fabulous sums of money  on Medications which many are not without site effects, when there is something very natural from the Lord? It is my divine obligation to make this known! I think this is equally the role of  a true  servant of the LORD.

1)        SEEDS

Wonderful natural cure  for:

-         Hypertension

-         Nerves problems

-         Colon diseases

-         Increase sperms counts tremendously

-          Rheumatism

-          Arthritis

-         Stress

-        Increase immune system

-         Increase sexual vitality

-  And what have you?:  It is a  broad base antibiotics  and nutrient source.

You will  read many testimonies  from many others worldwide on usage of these purely natural seeds.   You can equally go to google and just search for  MORINGA to see what many other health experts and scientific researchers have to say about this natural product.

    For Br.  Ezra  Orando Chea  A. as some one of the Medical field, and more  over a servant of the LORD  to  bear a  false witness of the treatment capacity of this natural plant,   will be sinning BEFORE God, and I know the consequences of this which is eternal lake of fire!

    I operate on three dimensions:  Spiritual-Medical-Natural, and so better know what I’m saying.

   You will be shocked by the  treatment results, you will obtain from this natural product, ! '

    But don’t just go around consuming it as you like because Br. Ezra says it is  a miracle working natural product. You must be assisted by a health  expert.

    I  prescribed these seeds to an old man  in his 80s who had been seriously suffering from  hypertension and living on drugs, and the result  just after two weeks were wonderful.

2)        LEAVES(Powder)

    The naturally dried and grand leaves are wonderful :

.•  increased energy

 • more alertness

 • better endurance

 • increased focus and mental clarify

• and many other positive changes

The Moringa  powder  contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants.

TESTIMONIALS of Some users of  This Natural Products  :

From A Christian Missionary working in Benin, Africa

I’d like to give more detail regarding the Moringa Tree results that occurred in Benin, West Africa. I brought 4 lbs of moringa powder which I obtained from Rodney at Moringa Farms in California. I was told from my training at Echo Farms in N Fort Meyers, Florida that results from this powder for malnutrition is phenomenal. I listened but I needed to witness it to be convinced.

We did an experiment on six very malnourished babies at an orphanage in Natitingou, Benin. They were listless, had orange hair and extremely bloated bellies. After the first week, their orange hair was already turning black again, they looked alert and Phoebe, the director of the orphanage, was dancing she was so happy with the fast results. By the end of the second week, their hair was back to normal black and approximately 8 inches of bloat from their bellies was obviously gone. Two of the babies were now walking, they were all playing and they were laughing. What a “miracle” I got to witness firsthand. 

Gloria Smith

Hi, my name is Kimberly Pearson and I spoke with you today about Moringa and how much it has helped me and changed my life.

I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-diagnosed with the Epstein Virus for over 30 years now. I have not been able to get through a year without getting Pneumonia at least once a year and Bronchitis 2-3 times a year requiring Antibiotics and missed days of work. Working out was a real chore as if I got myself on a regimen that would help my Chronic Fatigue symptoms. I usually got strep throat or a bad cold so could not continue to work out.

For the last year I have been eating Moringa and have not had a single cold, have not been to the Dr for any cold or flu or symptoms of Respiratory disease. I have stopped taking all my sinus medicine and my inhaler for adult onset of asthma. I have been working out continuously and have lost 40 lbs. Everyone thinks that I look younger and I feel so good it is very hard to explain it. It is like feeling good from the inside out.

I moved to Florida 7 years ago and have experienced breathing problems with the humidity and high mold content in the environment but have been able to breath through my nose for at least 6 months now without my allergy medicine that I took every day.

My skin in so soft, I don’t have rough and dry feet anymore and any sore I get heals very fast. I burned my arm on the BBQ 10 days ago and it is almost healed. If I hurt myself or pull a muscle or start to feel like I am getting a cold, I double up on my Moringa dose of 2 tbs of powder a day and the symptoms  disappear.

This is an amazing Miracle food. I would recommend it to everyone I know. I currently grow my own trees and give it away to as many people as I can. I have given away 15 trees and many seeds to people here in Florida. I took over 1000 seeds to Myanmar last March for them to grow it as a micro business and use it as a food source as they are poor and have been surviving on one bowl of rice a day and some vegetables. I know this tree will change their lives.

The cyclone Nargis wiped out all the new seedlings that they had planted so I will be bringing more seeds with me this March to try to start the process over again. I will order Moringa powder, seeds and oil from you when it gets close to my trip to take over with me. God Bless You Kimberly Pearson. Nov 2008

Here’s the follow up of the trip. May 2009

Hi Rodney My trip to Burma(Myanmar) was awesome and I took 4 lbs of moringa to them and they felt the results with the very first tablespoon of powder. We planted seeds- thank you very much for your help with that,. We found Moringa growing and cut some branches and I shoed them how to harvest it and cook with it. They love it. They will have so many trees growing they will be able to feed everyone in the ministry and probably sell it to help support their work. Thank you very very much. Blessing Kim

Hello Rodney

I just wanted to say I received your Moringa seeds and powder three days ago, immediately began the germination process with 50 seeds (10 zip lock bags of 5 each) drained the water after 24 hours, and just  checked on them for the first time now that the first 2 days  have passed 3 of them have already cracked their shells.

Thank you so very much for the generous helping of seeds you set me, btw- I wasn’t expecting that and I truly appreciate it. My intent is to introduce this plant to the Brazilian market if I can, which, like so many other countries around the world, remains ignorant of what this plant has to offer........Again I greatly appreciate your generosity with the seeds you sent, and thank you for send me such an outstanding finished product. Philip De S Brazil

HI ROD Thanks for sending the moringa, it is the one thing that helps me retain my balance. Since I have been taking it, I do not need my cane. Best Regards AliceMoringa was my two year Peace Corps health project in Guinea, West Africa. I grew moringa and built solar dryers to dry the leaves. When I first arrived in Falessade, Guines, few in the village (except the medicine men) were aware of the nutritional aspects of this wee(mostly used for fencing) that grew in their village.

I used moringa personally to fight off allergies to the mold that grew everywhere during the four month rainy season. I did not suffer from mold allergies as I had while living in the USA. I attribute the lack of allergies to my daily intake of moringa leaves. I would cook moringa like spinach and use it in omelets or add it to a local peanut sauce served over rice.

I am very pleased to find a source for Moringa powder here in the USA. I will be ordering seeds soon to plant her in Austin, Texas.

Thanks again Wayne Kleck

I’ve been taking it for a month and I feel very good. My immune system is back in business, my arthritis rheumatoid hasn’t bothered me at all, my energy is back, I’m very happy. Thank you so much!!!

Claudia B

I’m sleeping good, have no arthritic pain and have better energy, this after only a couple of months. Patrick  L

Dear Rodney I had a bone density test performed by Kaiser and my bone density went up over the 18 period. My doctor couldn’t believe it since she was the one who wanted me to continue with the prescription drug. She bowed to me. I am so happy. I include copy of the before and after tests. Vilaiwan S

Mr Perdew Thank you very much for your quick response in sending me your moringa product. You are one-of-a-kind. No one else operates this way. The information regarding your product will also be very helpful. Again we thank you Jerry S

Word of Gratitude

I write to thank you for your moringa seed delivery which we received from you. The school really appreciates your donation and the letter written to us with the explanation about how to go about planting the moringa seeds.

As it is, we are approaching the winter season which will begin in May. I wonder if it is still early for planting or we wait for autumn season. We are promising you that we shall do everything in our power to make our learners benefit from your donation. You are welcome to try other plants that you feel can help us.

The climate in our area is winter which is full of frost and very cold indeed with no rain at all. Summer is very hot with too much rainfall. Looking forward to communicate with you in future.

With kind regards

DM Shoba (Headmaster) Carisbrooke Primary Ixopo, S Africa

Letter from an AIDS worker in Thailand Thank you very much Rodney, I really appreciate your generosity.

About the lady who have AIDS.

When she came to see Dr Piem Choke Chalidapongse of Ramathibody Hospital, it’s already beyond hope. Doctor already denied treatment because her viral are extremely high and her CD4 are extremely low to the dangerous point. Doctor told her he have no way of helping her, in the meantime, she learn from her friend that by consuming 12 seeds of Moringa daily will helps her gain immune system back. This is her last straw so she began to start taking Moringa daily. She still request Dr Piemchoke tp monitor her health and he was kind enough to help her.

After one month he began to see the difference, Her Biral began to going down and her CD4 began to increase. She got her color back, her weight began to increase. After 3 months her Viral are below 50 and her CD4 increase to 500 which mean she cure from AIDS. She became healthy and went back to normal life and back to work. The thing she have question is weather she should continue to take moringa seeds, to maintain her immune system she should switch to moringa powder, I believed moringa powder should gave her enough for what she needs.

If you think any doctor from John Hopkins want to talk to doctor Piemchoke director on how he helping her and what kind of treatment he gave her along with the Moringa seeds here is his direct line in Thailand 011-668-1644-1062. This is his cellular phone most of the time he will answer the call but there are time that his answering service picking up; the best time to call him is 8:15 AM Thailand which is equal to 5:15 Pacific time.

Right now he conduct 5-10 more AIDS test and also start to try to treat cancer patient with moringa seeds. So far he said everything went  very well as he expect. You can relate this message to Dr Fuglie and also John Hopkins hospital in case they are interested. VS

Puppy Dogs do well on moringa

Dear Rodney I have been giving the powdered Moringa to my 14 year old Miniature Schnauzer Muffin. She was in reasonable good health, but slowing down quite a bit. After being on the Moringa powder (½ teaspoon a day) she started bouncing aroun, banking more (I could have lived without that) and wanting to go outside more often for walks. Instead of just lying around on her bed, she began to follow me around the house like she did as a young dog

I am so happy with her improvement!

I have been using on myself, but not on a regular basis. After seeing Muffin, I decided to be more diligent. I have more energy, but not the “climbing the wall type” and I can sleep at night, not pepped up too much. I live on a horse farm and I am 68, so it is great to feel good and be active.

Thank you for a great product

Rose M

It’s been 2 weeks since I started taking MORINGA OLEIFERA and I am beginning to feel brand new, I’ve never taken a health supplement like this before. ....I am barely hungry at all restful  is my sleep now that my dreams have started taking me way back in time........calm powerful constant strengthening that will keep you going all day long until you decide to rest, as well as a sense of well being........

Peace Love and Health Joyce AM

Yes, Rodney! Thank you so much. I have grown to depend on Moringa. I was not feeling well lately and when I worked out it took me 2-3 days to recover. Turns out I was missing something in my diet because as soon as I started taking Moringa I was feeling great again and was able to work out every day and still feel great!

Moringa is awesome!Mark D

I apologize for being so late in thanking you for the prompt shipment of the oil and powder. I will be filling capsules today.  My friend Pat C from Conn. loves the powder and she takes 1 teaspoon daily. She noticed more energy and she is a real worker. She is 65, gets up at 4 am, and runs a laboratory, and does a lot of work around the house.

I’m 67 and it helped me sleep soundly, have regular bowel movements  plus lots of energy. I stopped taking it along with coffee and a few other products, a few weeks back due to an outbreak on my face. I realized the problem stems from an old yeast infection so I have resumed my old routine and started taking it again yesterday. Just thought I would share with you to help others. Have you come across any studies or info on how this product works on candida/yeast problems? So far I have been unable to find any.

I want to order another bottle of oil, and the powder, I will get a check out today. Let me know if you have the oil available.



Dear Rodney Three days ago I got the seeds-what a nice surprise! Yesterday, 8 of ten seeds germinated another nice surprise. So I would like to thank you. Now I am looking worldwide for a place to palnt, hoping to have the time to see the flower

Moringa Nutrition Content

Nutrition Analysis Pods
(per 100 grams)
Fresh Raw Leaves
(per 100 grams)
Dried Leaf Powder
(per 100 grams)
Moisture % 86.9% 75% 7.5%
Calories 26.0 92.0 205
Protein (g) 2.5 6.7 27.1
Fat (g) 0.1 1.7 2.3
Carbohydrates (g) 3.7 13.4 38.2
Fiber (g) 4.8 0.9 19.2
Minerals (g) 2.0 2.3 --
Calcium (mg) 30.0 440.0 2003.0
Magnesium (mg) 24.0 24.0 368.0
Phosphorous (mg) 110.0 70.0 204.0
Potassium (mg) 24.0 24.0 1324.0
Copper (mg) 3.1 1.1 0.6
Iron (mg) 5.3 0.7 28.2
Oxalic Acid (mg) 10.0 101.0 0.0
Sulfur 137 137 870

Moringa Protein Content

Amino Acid Content
(per 100 grams)
Pods Fresh Raw Leaves Dried Leaf Powder
Arginine (mg) 360 406.6 1325
Histidine (mg) 110 149.8 613
Lysine (mg) 150 342.4 1325
Tryptophan (mg) 80 107 425
Phenylanaline (mg) 40 310.3 1388
Methionine (mg) 140 117.7 350
Threonine (mg) 390 117.7 1188
Leucine (mg) 650 492.2 1950
Isoleucine (mg) 440 299.6 825
Valine (mg) 540 374.5 1063


   Baby Boomers

      More people than ever are entering into middle age with every intention of remaining active, healthy and happy. To do so, it is critical to ensure that the changing body gets the nutrition that it requires. Moringa contains 90+ nutrients and 46 antioxidants. It contains almost all the necessary vitamin, micro and macro minerals for optimal cell function.

    The minerals present in Moringa Oleifera leaf powder include Calcium, Copper, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc. All these minerals are needed for the proper functioning of the body and to stave off the ravages of time such as bone density loss, macular degeneration, muscle loss, high blood pressure, cholesterol increase, decreased energy, joint inflammation and loss of skin elasticity to name a few.

   New Moms

      Human milk contains a balance of nutrients that closely matches infant requirements for brain development, growth and a healthy immune system. Nothing is more natural than breastfeeding. However, some moms cannot produce breast milk in enough quantities to satisfy the newborn. Moringa Oleifera has been shown to increase breast milk production by up to 25%.

      While breastfeeding, a new mom need to get enough vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Vitamin D, Folic Acid and Iron and this can be supplied by Moringa Oleifera supplements. In addition, all of this nutrition and much more is passed along to the newborn. Ancient cultures have called Moringa Olifeira “mother’s best friend” for centuries.


    Forward your concerns and  orders to me  through these contacts, and I will take special care. 

  How to consume  the seeds and powder, will be individually, deepening on the varying cases.

   My consultation and counseling is free.  No charges for these! This is philanthropy and not profit making.

                      Christian Philanthropy             

                    SEED PRICE

Price:  We are not selling, if we have to compare our  prices  with worldwide prices , but will want  just a token  :

1) 10  very good natural  seeds= $ 2.5

2) 100very good natural seeds = $ 29.98

3)1000very good natural seeds=$ 229.98

Go to Google and search other sites to compare THE  international prices s to understand that it is just a Christian service we are rendering to the public , and not profit making.

Check this other site below other that ours,  from where you can equally order if you wish:


         Christian Philanthropy



1)   ½ kilogram of good natural processed leave powder=$15

2)    1 kilogram of  good natural processed leave powder=$29.95

1/2kilogram of  natural powder may give you 3bottles of 1000capsules and just imagine how much a bottle of this sale:$ 24.94.

Check this other site below, from where you can equally order if you wish:


We will fix you a token depending on quantity required.      


I’m pledge personal responsible: legally or order wise, for any engagements. I know there are scammers  on line because I too receive their  manipulations daily. But   no slight need to fear here! Be trustful to me 100%.  I can’t  teach against sins, and be the first to consciously practice sins! If I do, my own  faith in the lake of fire will be horrible.

As you get in touch with me, will make appropriate arrangements for your shipment when ordered, and you will receive your products without the lest problems


Br  Ezra Orando  Chea 

Tel:(237) 77310370(Hand phone)   (237) 22080693 

Post Box  30552. 

Yaounde, Republic of Cameroon.




All my online sites that you may better know me are:







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Keep being blessed and let’s keep in touch.



Br  Ezra


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