How Do I Get Married And

Keep The Marital Flames Continuously Burning

For A Successful

 Christian Marriage?

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This book has in the most practical way, outlined the vital  fundamental steps to undertake in search of a compatible mate for marriage, that will enhance a smooth perfection in the course of marriage for a

successful Christian marriage.


Equally in this book, are practical guides on assisting  youths to preserve their virginity until marriage.



Parents with maturing children at home should not

fail to keep a copy at their disposal.

It is a classical book to be read !

"Some extracts from the book"

"...If we have been at the shore of river that carries debris, we will find  some small fine smooth round stones as smooth as an egg! Their perfect  beautiful looking shape has been as a result of their  scrubbing against each other on their transportation by the river.

Watching carefully, we will realize that, they  are always stones of the same nature or texture meaning compatibility. A hard rock will not scrub against a soft one successfully to produce that nature. Therefore they must be rocks of the same nature

It is something like this that we are  trying to explain with  marriage. Two compatible partners scrubbing themselves in the tribulations of marriage (But I will rather spare you the everyday troubles that married people will have 1st Corinthians 7:28), will obviously  result to perfection in marriage From where the river carried these stone debris, they where compatible to each other in nature but rough(imperfect).

It is  along the way of transportation that in the course of scrubbing against each other, that they become smooth(perfect).

Therefore, before the river of marriage carries us, we are compatible to each other but rough(imperfect). It is along  the river of marriage tribulations that as we scrub against each other, we are smoothen to perfection.

Therefore, no matter the blowing storms of tribulations in marriage, two compatible couples will support each other than the incompatible ones......"



            PART  I



          Chapter One

God’s Purpose in Marriage


1)    Be sure one is a born again child of  God and how?

2)    We must have a Good practical knowledge of ourselves in the various domain of life:
i)      Spiritually
ii)     Physically
iii)    Habits
iv)    Emotionally
v)     Sexually
vi)    Intellectually/Socially
vii)   Family background
viii)  Health situation
ix)   Opinion of parents
x)    The opinion of Spiritual Elders
3)    Betrothal  hood (Fiancee)
4)    Dowry
5)    Wedding/ First Sexual contact.

6)   Why did God put the Hymen on the female's  genital organs?

Chapter Two  :  Betrothal  Hood (Fiancée)


Chapter Three: Dowry


Chapter  Four: Wedding/ First Sexual Contact

Chapter Five:  Why Did God place The Hymen In The Female's Genital Organs?

                          Was it for fancy ?


Chapter Six:   The Pleasure Of Sex Outside Marriage Is The Pleasure Of Death.


Chapter Seven: Helping Youths Preserve Their Virginity Till Marriage


Chapter Eight:  The Ills of Erotic Attire


Is Divorce And Re-marriage Permitted ? 

Chapter Nine:  NO!!!!  When Divorce And Re-Marriage Of A Believer   

                          Cannot Take Place.


Chapter Ten:   YES!!!!!!  When Divorce And Re-Marriage Of A Believer Can

                         Take Place.


Chapter Eleven:  How  To  Keep  The  Marital  Flames Constantly Burning!



Chapter Twelve:  How To Repent From Sins And Receive Divine





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