Dear brethren,

 It’s high time we all arise and pray to release the sword of Division in the ENEMIES CAMP, DIVIDING THEIR TONGUES and CONFUSING THEM so that they won’t come into one agreement (one language ) against the Saints. Remember the bible say:

“ Come let us go down, and there CONFUSE their LANGUAGE, that they may not UNDERSTAND ONE ANOTHER’S SPEECH” Genesis 11:7.

Today, we are in an hour of crisis than ever the world has been. Satan the “ HAMAN” of the people of God knows that his time is short(This is the SPIRIT OF ANTI-CHRIST, which you heard was coming , AND NOW IT IS IN THE WORLD ALREADY 1st John 3:7-8) .

From within and from without Satan is making a last desperate bid to overwhelm the church : MATERIALISM, MAHOMEDANISM, ROMANISM and SPIRITISM are making very rapid advances.

In the spiritual REALM, the LORD showed me two unclean spirits: One holding the ROMAN CATHOLIC ROSARIES , and the other holding the MOSLIM ROSTRUM coming together as one, against Saints. The Roman Catholic Rosaries and Moslim Rostrum(the bits they recite), looks one and the same thing, therefore one disguised spirit isn’t it?

Satan is busy working a wicked plan in the invisible against the Saints, and the LORD is exposing it that we may in authority over the kingdom of darkness, arise and shatter it.

-O God our mighty warrior! Arise from your throne and come down against our enemies, oppose them against one another and scatter them into total confusion so that they may not come into one agreement against your saints, in the name of Jesus .

- Lord, shot your arrows of thunder and flashes of lightening and scatter our enemies in their hiding places planning evil against your Saints, in the name of Jesus.

- We release heavenly chains of irons, and bind our enemies, in the name of Jesus(Remember the bible says: No one can break into a strong man’s house and take away his belongings unless he first ties up the strong man, then he can plunder his house Mark 3:27).

- We release flaming coals and sulphur from the throne of the Most High God, upon their basis in the heavenly places( Ephesians 6:12), on the lands, in the deep seas and oceans , paralyzing them and rendering them powerless, in the Jesus name..

- Mighty angels , warriors of the Most High who serve him and are sent by Him to assist those who are to receive salvation, pursue our enemies and catch them! Don’t stop until you destroy them all! Strike them down that they may rise no more, that they lie defeated before us, in the name of Jesus .

- Heavenly father, we drag into your heavenly courts, Babylon(spiritual) that she receive your judgment of destruction as you promise by your very words in Revelations 18, in the mighty name.

May we continue to pray as the Holy Spirit leads us…….
 Soak your prayers with fasting if you mean business with the Lord, knowing that you are just praying His perfect will and so your reward here and beyond will be great.

Prayers at top hours are very important especially around the mid night (About midnight, Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, ….Suddenly there was earth a violent earth quakes, which shook the prison to it’s foundations…” Act 16:25-25.


- Heavenly father, train me for battle so that I can use the strongest bow in the exercise of my legitimate authority to destroy my enemies, and subdue and dominate the earth for your glory, honor and power as you have ordained, in the name of Jesus .

- Give me strength to attack my enemies, and power to overcome their defenses, in the name of Jesus .

- Cloth my tongue with your sword word, that with it, I may slay my enemies, in the name of Jesus .

- Put into my hands your iron rod so that with it, I may break down and shatter to pieces like clay pot is shattered, all my enemies and their fortresses in my life , in the name of Jesus.

- Father , always give me victory, and let me always trample on my enemies like mud in the streets , in the name of Jesus .…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

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