“….. Satan being thrown out of his natural habitation is reduced below the dignity of animals. And that is why his likes bears his nature, and are lower than animals. No doubt, they  are able to do things that animals can’t do. Animals are still living in their natural God established dominion, and so live as God wants, but Satan is not. Have you ever seen a male dog running after another male dog, or a female dog running after another? They say, No! No! No! this is below the dignity of dogs.

         Or have you ever seen a cock running after another, or a hen after another? They say, No! No! No!, this is below the dignity of   fouls.  But  men run after men, and women after women.

             As I listen to a man of God, preaching on this issue, I got a feeling of  regret, why I ever came to exist in  such a sinful  world, that has intentionally in collaboration with the devil, turn  against it’s creator. I found tears running down   my  cheeks, as I.."

In this book, a wide range of issues have been handled  broadly:

The origin of Homosexaulity:The devilish incarnated sinful nature in man and not normal genetic- biological nature from birth…

Living testimonies of   x-guys (their experiences before and after) proves it as  a spiritual and not of natural biological origin .

The negative cotributing role of fake Christianism.

- From success in America, Europe and else where, Satan steps out through state legalization of  Homosexuality in the African continent.

Occultism as influential factor(for power, fame, celibacy..). List of some  world renown singers, comedians, etc  who are members and promoters of the LGBP Cult: lesbian_Gay_Bisexual_Pride cult". - Various proven health diseases caused by Homosexual practices.

Proven societal ills of Homosexuality (  voilence, brutality,  murders, drugs..)

The best way helping victims  out.

God says woe unto countries and authorities legalising this evil.

Not too late! How you can now repent.

The reality of hell.

Where will you spend eternity?        Etcetera 


                            Are you:

  • A parent, dreaming to see your children happily     married, and enjoying divine  blessings?- 
  • A  lady /gentleman, wishing now or in the nearest  future to be happily  married, and will want to know how to proceed ?
  • A parent, broken at heart because of the sexual promiscuity  of your child(ren),  and you are wondering  on the root cause ?
  • A couple,  desiring to keep the marriage flame constantly   burning.
  •   A   couple, not enjoying your marriage the way you expected! It  has grown cold ,and you are wondering what must be going wrong?
  • A couple, in a broken marriage on the path way to divorce, and you are thinking all over it ?
  • A divorcee, wishing to  remarry ?
  • A   sincere  born again child of   God, and your mate abandoned you; and now is living  in perpetual immorality in the world of darkness, and you are thinking on what to do?

Please,  don’t afford to miss this book!


Can I divorce ?

Sex as a spiritual fulfilment is enjoyable in marriage.

Virginity is the first most precious gift in marriage.

The pleasure of sex outside marriage is the  pleasure of death.

How to proceed from fiancée to marriage.

Tips on choosing one’s life mate, and  keeping the marriage flames constantly burning.

Sexual perversion in it’s various forms, and the eternal consequences.

Etcetera ……




ØThe fondamental basis of  Divine prosperity.

ØThe divine secret of investing and withdrawing from the    heavenly bank.

Ø How to proceed  on the way to Divine prosperity....

ØThe secret of managing financial resources.

Ø  Maintaining victory over  Satanic  obstacles. ……etc          

The Bible says:

You shall remember  the LORD your  GOD, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant which he swore to your fathers,   as at this day…” Deuteronomy  8:18

         If  it is God who gives us the power to get wealth,  do we possess this power ? This should be the fundamental  question we should ask our selves.  Our focus in this book is on divine power of getting wealth ,  since  Satan equally   give people the power to get wealth. 

From the beginning when God created man, He gave him these keys when he said :

    “ And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it;  and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over every living thing that moves upon the earth”  Genesis  1:28-29

      To compliment  his will on seeing man prosper in evey diamension of his life, God gave man the free liberty to determine the limites of his blessings when he says:

         This book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night that you may be careful  to  DO  according to ALL  that is  written in it, for then you shall make your  way PROSPEROUS and then you shall have GOOD SUCCESS Joshua 1:8-9.

    This is God’s declared PERFECT  WILL for any one who desires true  Spiritual, material and financial prosperity. There is therefore God’s conditions for prosperity, but  surprisingly  we want prosperity without fulfilling God's conditions. Spiritually, Spiritual prosperity leads automatically to material, financial and health  prosperity……”

Some people in the Lord just expect to see material blessings flowing in abundance when they become believers. The Lord cannot do this because, if he does it without first implanting spiritual maturity in our spirit, the material blessings will led us astray. When we turn to the Lord to be born again, God starts blessing us from the human spirit. This is because God dwells in the spirit of man, and thus begins his blessings from there, establishing a certain spiritual maturity, flowing to the soul, outwards to the body. So, it is spiritual prosperity first, before material and financial prosperity.

                 Therefore, spiritual maturity is needed to manage material wealth. Just imagine some one who turns to the Lord, but is still having a heart not delivered from the spirit of greed, egoism etc, and God just decides to close his eyes and bless him. Such will gather the wealth for himself alone like the rich man in Luke 18:18-24, and perish with it. Before God blesses a man with material wealth, he must first of all bless him with spiritual maturity that will be needed to manage it for the building of his kingdom. And this will need a lot of patience on our part waiting. (An extract from the book “Imminent End of the worldBy Br Ezra)page 204). 

                This book therefore, is a practical  solution for you  and me, who believes in the working  promise of God,  to see the various  divine keys  ordained by Him , to  be used  in the opening of  the limitless treasure house of God, as we are bent on hard work with him given his dislike  for  the lazy.

Be abundantly blessed as you read it, that you may be a source of blessing to multitudes.



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