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To have a good progress in the word of God and grow to the stature of full maturity, one has to be submitted to the TEACHING MINISTRY  of  a bible TEACHER (Ephesians 4:11) anointed  by the Holy Spirit for this purpose.

The main purpose of studying  the word is to obey since the only problem existing between man and God is OBEDIENCE, and obedience will  permit us to experiment the truth, and all those who experiment  the truth, are set free( You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free John 8:32).

Therefore, being freed by the knowledge  of the word of God  and obedience to it , means automatic solution to our life problem, since they result from disobedience.  Thus, our total  prosperity(spiritual and socio-economic  ) as it is written:

“ This book of the Law(word) shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall  meditate  on it  DAY and NIGHT, that you may be careful to do according to all that is WRITTEN in it; for then you shall make your way PROSPEROUS, and then you shall have GOOD SUCCESSJoshua 1:8.

The early Christian obeyed this command and made sure they search the scripture to be sure they never followed the teachings of men and demons, but  what is written: “ They listened  to the message with great interest and everyday, they  STUDIED the SCRIPTURES to see if what Paul said, was true Act 17:11.


Studying the Bible  to know  all what is written in it, and  OBEYING, empower us to  completely punish demons:

“ For though we live in the world we are not carrying on a worldly war, for the weapons of our warfare are not  worldly but have divine POWER   to  DESTROY  strongholds. We  destroy arguments and every proud obstacle  to the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to PUNISH every  DISOBEDIENCE, when your OBEDIENCE  IS COMPLETE” 2nd Corinthians 10:3-6.

There are very many preachers   and evangelist  but very few TEACHERS of the word.

Minister-Teacher of the word of God are those men who have understood the deep signification of the word of  God-clearly  brought out  the practical implications of the word-have first apply  them  in their life; and who by the grace of God, have undertaken to enable others to understand the word, bring out the practical implication, and like the TEACHER, apply them in their own very life without any compromise.

Many people always try to make the bible looks contradictory whereas it is not. The Teachers are blessed with a special capacity of a harmonious and comprehensive explanation of   the scriptures.   When your spiritual eyes are open, you will  begin to see the unity and harmony of Scripture. From Genesis to Revelations, there is no contradiction.

A servant of the Lord once said: “One of the very real dangers of modern Christianity is that the Bible is not being given the position and respect it rightfully deserves. Some Christians and even some pastors treat Scripture with levity and brazenly interpret it to suit their every whim, without any fear of God at all!


The saints that were before us treated all of Scripture with great respect, and approached the Bible as the handbook for successful living, the final and ultimate authority on all matters. And they succeeded. Not so with our generation” Passionate prayer page 94 by Goodman Elisha.

Yes, the word of God: studied, understood, proclaim and lived, will inevitably lead to persecution, but we  remained always victoriou

The book:



  The book “ IMMINENT END OF THE WORLD” is  God’s  divine calendar on what He is doing now for the church that she must collaborate in readiness for the end. Therefore, the functioning of this ministry is basically in line with what has been revealed that is assembled in this book, which must be made known to the church. By implication, one can only understand the fundamental basis on which this ministry stands only after reading this book. If you are God’s sheep, you will hear His voice and follow Him:

“the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own by name…and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice.. a stranger they will not follow” John 10: 1-6.

          To emphasize: we are not a religious denomination where thousands of people will come once in a while to clap hands, sing about Jesus and dance, listen to some majestically proclaimed sermons, give offerings and tithes  etcetera, then vanish only to  reappear  the next Sunday. This is a waste of precious time while the master is lamenting the shortage of workers in His vineyard:"The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few” Matthew.9:37.

          We are actually a frame work of  authentic “born again” co-workers  with Christ, who have received a precise assignment from God to work in collaboration with Him in His  teaching ministry for the perfecting of the universal body of Christ in (church), in ready for the rapture,and healing of the sick. Among many other methods, we are using the following: 

  • Favour the biblical foundational principles of house assemblies.
  • Caravan” organization of  Teaching meetings and healing, in various localities
  • Organization of  teaching seminars and press conferences in various localities.
  • Promote inter denominational  exchange of  ministers in various localities working properly in their specific  task, for the harmonious nourishment  of the body.
  •  Promote international movements of teachers in order to meet the global needs of the body.
  •  A permanent  teaching resource center for teachers of the teaching  Ministry,and others.
  •  A permanently functioning  health ministry. Etcetera…

           Needless to mention that the general calling of preaching the gospel of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ by repentance from sins, Baptism (immersion)  of believers and  their integration  in the churches of their localities under the supervision of  the elders(Pastors) of those localities, is equally our priority.

Please we encourage you to read,  the book “IMMINENT END OF THE WORLD” as to better understand God’s working system now with His Church as He steps into the last phase of  His  work, in preparation for the end.

           The Lord spoke, and keeps speaking to direct His work, that we may keep moving according to his instructions and standards. So  the ministry is a cross denominational network, as denominational barriers must be broken now to prepare the saints for the imminent rapture.

We are those who believe with the LORD that, denominational barriers are  the greatest enemy  to the body of Christ today. They not  only tear  apart the body of Christ, but equally  steal away Christ from the hearts of believers, and possess  them  with denominational doctrines.

               By closing up believers in a four-walled structure and forbidding them from   interacting with  other  members of the body of Christ, believers are deprived  from spiritual nourishment which is necessary  for  growth.  The Bible clearly says:

Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of  working , but it is the same God who inspires them all in every one. To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.”1stCorinthians 12:4-8.

Certainly, God’s sheep in closed up denominational systems will not benefit from gifts given to other members of the body of Christ, who are not  of their denomination.  The consequent result is immaturity!

It is very fundamental to understand as this man of God say:

" Before there can be a vision of the possibilities of the hour there must be a vision of the need of the hour. With many  there is an unwillingness to face facts; the state of the Church in general is so much the state of their hearts that they are unmoved by the need of either. They are those that are "blind seeing only what is near", to whom the Lord would say," Thou say I am rich, and have gotten riches, and  have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art the wretched one and miserable and poor and blind and naked"( Revelations3:7).

    The need of the hour is for men of the stamp of Nehemiah to blow the trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in God's holy mountain, to open our eyes that we may"see the evil case that we are in, how Jerusalem lieth waste, and the gates therefore are burned with fire", and to bring the charllenge, " Let us build up the wall of Jerusalem, that we be no reproach" Arthur Wallis.

          The Bible leaves no doubts as to the orderliness of God. Every chosen worker for His vineyard has been portioned  to a well defined and  specific task by which believers are expected to function, for the general up building into maturity of the body of Christ. To his the Bible says:

..we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by every joint  with which it is supplied, when each part is working properly, makes  bodily growth and up builds itself in love” Ephesians 4:15-16.

         It is very unfortunate that many today are just doing  anything they think is good for God and causing  total confusion in the body of Christ.  We will not receive reward from any work we  were  not assigned to do, but rather will be punished for having caused confusion in the body of Christ and sent many to hell.

If because of our doing, God’s people perish for lack of knowledge. How then can  our own souls be saved? So we must watch out for whatever thing we are doing in the name of  God’s work. Has God asked you to do the work you are doing in His name ? It will be wise now for you stop and think over this matter again and again.


  • ·        Are you that Shepard of God’s  sheep who has read through the book "mminent end of the world” and sincerely bought its message, and now you are willing to work together  beyond denominational barriers, in a network as co-worker  in the Lord’s vineyard benefiting from one another in mutual exhortations?            

  • ·        Are you that one who will not want to face the coming devouring fire of God upon the   earth, and go to spend eternity in the eternal lake of fire?

  •         Are you that one who will not afford to miss enjoying eternal life in the new coming kingdom of  God, and so you want to get into perfection  body –soul-spirit, spotless without wrinkles  now ?

  •  Are you that one caught up in something you really thought was real “born again”  church, but you are now realising the contrary?

  •    Are you that one who has honestly turned to the LORD and you   hunger to work for Him with us, while continuing  fellowship  in your denomination?

  •    Are you that disciplined one who wants to work for the Lord in total sacrifice, but not in closed up religious denominations?

  •   Are you that one with a problem(s) that you  don’t know how to go about with.

  •  Are you that one who will not want to face the coming devouring fire of God upon the   earth, and go to spend eternity in the eternal lake of fire?  Etcetera……….


Are you that one whose ambitions have been to gain the pride of this rapidly decaying world at the verge of God’s judgment, but have been failed by  the various methods you have applied till date , and you are now of the opinion that , you can try the method of “using Jesus”? If you are, then know that to such  the Bible says:

“ They all look after their own interest, not those of Jesus Christ Philippians 2:21.

       However, it will be to  our  great joy if such come and in their process of trying to “use Jesus”, are instead used by Him.              

     Equally it would be very important to let the readers  know that, in as much as we do not receive gifts of any kind from people who have refused to repent from their sins and turn to Christ for the  salvation of their souls, we equally do not receive from  any supposed “born again” Christian who is  consciously living in sins.  

 If you are one of such, then this ministry is certainly not for you.

Thank you for understanding.

        It is very fundamental to understand that there exist no idle member in the body of Christ when we read Matthew20:1-15(The kingdom  of God is  like this...."  


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