Erotic Attire of seduction, Colored With   Horrific Worldly Fashion Hair Styles, And Paintings, Are Often  The Works Of Specialist Evil Spirits Called:

"Demons Of Beauty"


(This book to prepare you for the imminent rapture is a must for you to buy and read! Extract from page 193-206 :


" AS  OBEDIENT children do not CONFORM to the EVIL DESIRES you had when YOU LIVED IN IGNORANCE. But just as he who called  you is HOLY, so be HOLY in ALL you do, for it is written:


If you are a sister in Christ reading this message, count yourself very, very fortunate to have it and take your time to carefully read. To invest in your heavenly bank account, the Lord is watching to see you photocopy and give to at least two sisters. We pray the Lord to open your mind to understand as you read and be richly blessed.

But any preacher who receive this message and will want to take side with the devil and send souls to Hell, by not teaching the truth or try to persecute those sisters who want to obey, because he is afraid to lose members and so tithes, will come under the judgment of God. The end is near and God is quickly hurrying his saints into perfection in ready for the rapture at any moment from now. So we must be very careful not to act otherwise and invite God's curse.

To begin with, no true  " born again child of God" ignore  the truth that, there is  scriptural concern  on  INWARD and OUTWARD holiness. To try to down  play on this truth, is playing with FIRE! And is what many of our sisters under an intelligent disguised manipulations of the devil are doing for  their own very destruction as it is written:          

 So also our beloved brother wrote to you according to the wisdom given him, speaking of this as he does in all his letters. There are some things in them hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other scriptures. You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, beware lest you be carried away with the ERROR OF LAWLESS men and lost your own stability(2nd Peter 3:15-17).

Dear sister, is your heart so hardened that you no longer ask: What impact am I making for Jesus in the  way of my attire? :

- What message is my hair communicating?

- What message is my dressing communicating?

- What message is my whole being communicating? 

This tract therefore, is very specific on  OUTWARD HOLINESS. Be careful then not to fall into Satan's usual tricks of hurrying you  to say: 'God sees only the heart'. If  he attempts, just respond as Jesus did:  It is written "You must be Holy  Spirit, Soul and  Body(1Thessa 5:23). We all know that, the heart  has to do with the spirit and a purified heart from erotic attire will automatically reflect on the body in descent attire! So don't  be self deceived.

No one ignores the sincere truth that, you can easily identify the heart of a person from his physical attire because what is in a man’s heart, naturally flows to the outside. The first thing that speaks of a person is his attire, before you start searching his heart. To easily identify the type of light, lighted in a house, you see the reflection from the outside. Is it blue, red, green etc ? This criteria holds with the human heart. it is only a law that, the outward appearance tells the first  story of  a person. If the heart is really circumcised and she is delivered from the demons of "Beauty", the outside will be Holy.

I remember sometimes in our villages, when you were taking a young girl home to present as your fiancé, and she happens to be erotically dressed in trousers, paintings  etc, the parents murmured and asked "where have you gone and carried this prostitute?". Their  attitude is just a flow of God's Laws naturally written in their hearts (Romans 2:14-16), for descent attire. They don't even need to know if  it is written in the bible or not.

That said, while in, our IGNORANCE in the world, our heart  desired:  wonderful "meche" hair styles, jewelries, body creaming,  laps- buttocks exposures through  miniskirts and tight fighting nylon bags called "trousers", large V-neck dresses and stiff iron breast wears that pushes the breast from down upwards as to swell them out like balloons,  Salamanders on which we diligently move  like people who will never die, paintings and all sorts of  modern worldly fashion make ups as outwards means of:

i)- Making ourselves look beautiful and attractive in the eyes of men as to seduce them either  for sex, through which  we can extort some money. Or marriage! Or to achieve  one thing or the other. In 2nd King 9:30 it is written : When Jehu was to come, JEZEBEL heard of it, and she PAINTED her EYES, and ARRANGED her HAIR, and look out of the window(to seduce him)". The demonic spirits of beauty seduction( Read 2 Timothy 2:9-10, and  1  Peter3:1).  At times this dirty chemical paint may dirty  our cloth or that of another, as we try to embrace, and  we quickly say "sorry for dirtying you", then we struggle to see how we can clean it off. But not caring to understand  that we are dirtying the Lord's cloth which is our body- his dwelling place. Dear Sister, are you Jezebel?

ii)-"Show up competitive and boasting spirit" as  to be seen.  See me!!!!!!! And those who saw will say:

·       Did you see her hair style? It was wonderful! Did you see her meche? It is natural! etc, etc

·       Did you see her wonderful  rings, chains, ear rings?

·       Did you see the wonderful type of shoe or dress she wore?

·       Did you see her wonderful eye-jaw-lips  paintings?

·       Did you see her artificial finger nails, or eye brows?

·       Did you see her well shaped buttocks, or breast ?etc..

Dear sister in the Lord, how comes  that you should ever think : chemical paints, pieces of iron or metals, nylon or another person's hair, artificial nails-teeth-eye brows etc, can  make a natural human being beautiful?  This is horrible!!!  We believe as God does in 1 Timothy 2:9-10 that, it is a natural and decently dressed woman in the INSIDE and OUTSIDE that is beautiful. So, dress decently sister !

When you wear the hairs of someone you don't even know, because you say it is natural and so makes you more "beautiful"! Don't you know that you are wearing that person's life and thus bearing all her curses ? The devil tells you to claim you  have sanctified it with the blood of Jesus. Ok! keep sanctifying them with the blood of Jesus and wearing. But don't forget that they  make you more  appetizing for the devil, and you will better  sanctify them for  eternity  with him in Hell. Is just like someone sees a poisonous snake  and says he will sanctify it and hold because the bible says "they will pick up snakes with their hands and it will do them  no harm". He will be bitten to death for tempting God !

"...It is a shame that today in the Lord, a "born again" child of God  like yourself should ...."

Apart from the temporal deceitful impressions of beauty excitement Satan and his demons make you to feel as you admire yourself through the mirror! Or the deceitful comments of appreciation some will  hypocritically make to pride you up,  you will sincerely agree with us that while in the world of darkness these seductive artificial outwards mask of "Beauty" in no circumstances  ever brought to you everlasting : Joy, peace, happiness and total fulfillment. Did you finally get the man you thought you could seduce through these erotic attire and marry? Even with these erotic  things, you couldn't seduce erotic men for marriage.  Why should women be looking for responsible men with good character to marry, but will want men to see but their erotic attire and marry  them? Many of  them in these erotic attire look like frightful holy horses, and scare away serious brothers.

It is a shame that today in the Lord, a "born again" child of God  like yourself who is supposed to be displaying divine knowledge, intelligence and wisdom, should still be looking very stupid and foolish as you where in the world. Could this really be one of the reasons why the women are  scripturally considered as the weaker sex? Because we don't really understand reasons for this nonchalant attitudes of most of our sisters in the Lord. They just look like toys in the hands of Satan and his demons, who easily manipulate  them in any way they want. That is why there are many of them here on earth who are very serious  in the Lord, but very, very few in heaven. In one of my vision of heaven, I noticed this. Under the power of ignorance, you still allow your heart desires as was in the world for fancy  erotic  outwards attire, in responds to  the life style of the kingdom of darkness, and  claim to be in the kingdom of light. Don't be self-deceived! Read 1Peter 2:9.

How can darkness and light be married? Impossible! Life is the matter of kingdoms. You can't  carry the life style of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. Reasons why, any truly  born again child of God who starts putting on the descent OUTWARDS attire characteristics of the kingdom of light, is automatically rejected by those still in the kingdom of darkness! It is just a spiritual Law in action. She is going against the Law of erotic attire of the kingdom of darkness and is repulsed.

If as such, then a born again child of God still bound by the Law of erotic attire of the kingdom of darkness, will be repulsed by the Law of descent attire of the kingdom of light. It is in this perspective that you still  belong to the devil and your soul will naturally go to him after physical death, because no iniquity can enter God's kingdom.

You may say: I know this and that mighty woman of God operating under very high anointing! Does it mean that because of her erotic attire she will go to hell? Or why is God using me mightily in preaching, performing miracles and wonders if my erotic attire is hurtful to him?

This is just an indication that you don't really know God, and so don't understand the differences between operating in a spiritual gift and Holiness. Someone can be under heavy anointing of a spiritual gift and mightily flowing in it, but living a disobedient life to God. This is because God doesn't repent of his gifts. So, be sure you are one of those God is referring to in Matthew 7:21-23:

"Not everyone who says to  me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of God of heaven, but only he who does the WILL of my father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly , I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers" Matthew 7:21-23:

So, what is God's will that you must do as far as OUTWARDS attire is concern as to save your soul from Hell ?  Carefully read through these texts below because as the Lord Jesus Christ says, they will be your judge and not salvation by grace(The words I have spoken will be his judge on the last day- John 12:49) :

1)- "And you shall not go up by steps to my alter, that your nakedness be not EXPOSED on it" Exodus 20:26

2)- "And thou shall make them linen breeches to  COVER THEIR NAKEDNESS;  from the LOINS EVEN UNTO THE THIGHS THEY SHALL REACH....that they NOT BEAR INIQUITY AND DIE" Exodus 28:42-43.

These two texts are in a very special way, showing the  importance  OUTWARD purity or  holiness of the human body, holds in the heart of God. So, does the way you dress, expose your nakedness? It may still be tight fitting dresses to expose your body as to provoke lust. The rampant wearing of trousers today by women is aimed at this. These are disguised tricks of the devil and even sisters in the Lord do this against the Law of God which clearly says: " Women are not to wear men's clothing, and men are not to wear women's clothing; the Lord your God hates people who do such things" Deut 22:5". You close your eyes to this, and  console yourself with tricks like : God's sees only the heart! We are save by grace and not by the Law! We are not under the Jewish Law! It makes me look smart! Etc..The truth is that, you want to look sexy!

3)-"But now I say to you that, any man who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" Matthew 6:27-29

4)-"Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world for temptations to sin! For it is necessary that temptation come, but woe to the man by whom the temptation comes (Matthew 18:6).

So, how many people or brothers in the assemble  have your erotic attire already lustfully seduce to fall and have already gone or are still on their way to  hell?  If you like, you can allow Satan to deceive you saying "I dress for myself and not for someone. Is it my fault that they lust for me?" Don't worry, you will better ask  God these questions while in hell, because He  will punish the one who provoked the lusting, and the one who lust as his word has said.

There is a very  little good  book on "Practical Guide On The Choice Of  Life Mate To Assure A Successful Christian Marriage & Helping Youths Preserve Their Virginity Until Marriage". It has much to teach on inward and outward Holiness. Parents with maturing children should endeavor to keep a copy at home, since they are often very shy to speak out certain things to them. This book will help be your mouth piece in arming your children against evil.

5)-I also want the women to be modest and sensible about their clothes and to dress properly; not with fancy hair styles or with gold ornaments or pearls or expensive dresses, but with good deeds, as is proper for women who claim to be religious1st Timothy 2:9-10.

6)- " You should not use outwards aids to make yourself beautiful, such as the way you do your hair, or the jewellery you put on, or the dress you wear. Instead your beauty should consist of your true INNER self" 1 Peter 3:3-4.

7)-" Get rid of the foreign gods that you have; purify yourself and put on clean clothes. We are going to leave here and go to Bethel, where I will build an alter to the God who...So, they gave Jacob all the foreign gods that they had and also the EAR-RINGS that they were wearing. He buried them beneath the ok-tree near Shechem" Genesis 35:2-4. Sister, remove the dirt and put on clean clothes.

This is far back in Genesis when God had not yet given his written Laws to Moses for us to claim as we often do that,  it is the Law of Moses and has been nailed on the cross by Jesus. How comes therefore the people knew that ear-rings were  not of God and should not be taken into his presence? Because of  the Laws of God naturally written in human hearts. In those days, alters where built by men for God. But today, you are the alter of God where he dwells  through the Holy Spirit, and dare carry these things on it.

  "....Now TAKE OFF YOUR JEWELLERY before I..."

God said somewhere to his people: " You are going to a rich and fertile land. But I will not go with you myself, because you are a stubborn people , and I might destroy you on the way. When the people heard this, they began to mourn and did not wear jewellery any more. The LORD had commanded Moses to say to them, "You are a stubborn people. If I were to go with you even for a moment, I would completely destroy you. Now TAKE OFF YOUR JEWELLERY, and I will decide what to do with you. So after they left Mount Sinai, the people of Israel no longer wore JEWELLERY" Exodus 33:4-6.

The Israelites while in slavery in Egypt, had copied their Satanic erotic attire. We know that they were pagans in the kingdom of darkness wearing ear-rings. The bible  says: "The Midianites, like other desert  people, wore gold ear-rings) 2Judge 8:24.  Therefore, the people of Israel who  were God's chosen, never wore ear-rings.

We only see where God command them to pierce the ear of their slaves when He said: " But yourself may not want to leave, he may love you and your family and be content to stay. Then take him to the door of your house and there pierce his ear; he will then be your slave for life" Deut 15:16-17. Now, you are piercing  your ears and deforming his body which he created for his glory to be carrying pieces of  metals on it. Can you quote from the scriptures where he commanded you to do this? This is the question God will ask you. Satan knows all  these and will use it to claim your soul for hell. Normally if you really loved God and regretted the hurtful things you did against him while lost in the world, you would have held the pierced ears before him, and repent for bursting  them.

Today, you equally were in spiritual Egypt(kingdom of darkness) and obeyed it's  Law on erotic attire. But as you left it for your own fertile and rich land in Christ for eternity, you equally must get rid of your Egyptian jewellery, before the Lord goes with you, else you will be destroyed on the way. Needless to say many who have refused to obey this command of God, have already been spiritually destroyed on the way. Their death conscience has already been sealed; and so they mistake their spiritual gifts as proof of  being right with God. Read the history of Sampson, Solomon, etc . This little book: " How to Repent from sins" will be of great help to you.

8)-" Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head. And every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head-it is just as though her head were saved.....If she doesn't want to veil, let her shave her hair......For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels........“Judge in yourselves; is it normal  that a woman pray to God uncovered?( 1Corinth11:  4-13).


The woman’s veiling symbolizes her voluntary acceptance of her place in the divine order.  When a woman is unveiled during prayer or prophesying, she not only dishonors her own head, man, but also Christ. Christ is dishonored by her disobedience to God’s headship plan. So, the headship here  is not  referring  to a married woman and her husband, but  divine spiritual order . God being the head of  Christ, and Christ the headship of man; and man the headship of the woman. It is divine hierarchy in authority, whether we like it or not. 


All who adopt their own plans in preference to the revelation given in the inspired Word bring dishonor to Christ by rejecting His Word and lordship. Paul uses the same terms praying and prophesying to describe both man’s and woman’s area of activities. Paul does not modify them, for instance, by writing of “praying and prophesying in the church.” Wherever these activities occur, man is to be unveiled and woman veiled. And if she does not want to veil her hair, then she should shave it. 


" ...have power on her head because of the angels.."


From the psalmist we learn that angels are special servants of God: “Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his pleasure” (Ps. 103:20-21). They are special ministers of the Lord and carry out His will. They were created in a slightly higher position than man(Heb. 2:6-9).

The psalmist explains one of the angel’s ministries: “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone” (Ps. 91:11-12). This function is emphasized by the author of Hebrews; when speaking of angels he writes,“ Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” (Heb. 1:14). Part of this ministry involves being “guardians” over man (Mt. 18:10; Ac. 12:15), which makes them well aware of man’s activities (I Cor. 4:9; I Tim. 5:21).

Understanding angels’ ministries and their relation to believers, “because of angels” must imply that they are aware of a woman’s attitude and whether she is in the proper order when praying and prophesying. Apparently she should not oend them by getting out of God’s ordained order. You disobey God, and claim to Love him?


".....Judge in yourselves; is it normal  that a woman pray to God uncovered?.."


The issue of head covering in prayers is very, very important to God that He  expect us  to naturally flow in obedience. So he ask the women to judge for themselves if it is normal for them to pray to him with head uncovered. If in prayers we normally see the men naturally  removing their  caps without being taught to, it is obvious that the women should equally do same by  veiling  their head.


".....Does not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? But if a woman have longhair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given her for a covering.."(v. 14).


This is the section Satan uses to comfort rebels who are looking for pretext to oppose God. They quote this to say their hair is a veil. If the hair was given as veil then God won't be talking again of veiling her head in prayers. What should she then shave,  if  she does not want to veil since her  long hair was given as a veil?


Therefore the first part of veiling on the head is referring to putting a covering on the hair. And the second case is the long hair that God has naturally  veil the scalp or score of the woman with, for her glory. He has equally veil the score of the man with hair, but don't want his to be kept long. If it was this natural hair that God is referring to as veil in prayers as you may  want to let us  know, then be honest to tell the men or your husband to be shaving his hair when praying to God! If not, then you are a hypocrite, and you know all hypocrite will end in hell whether they like it or not.

9)- " A day is coming when the Lord  will take away from the women of Zion everything they are so proud of-the ornaments they  wear on their ankles, on their heads, on their necks, and on their wrists... .....the rings they wear on their fingers, ears and noses.......their beauty will be turn to shame." Isaiah 3:18-24.

Do these texts make any sense to you? If not, don't worry! You will be face to face with them after physical death and they will drag you to hell(The words I have spoken will be his judge on the last day- John 12:49),   So, if you are still bound by any of Satan's Laws against God's will(word),  in any one way or the other, then be very sure you are a good candidate for hell unless you repent. A curse on every worldly heart! Look at the precious time you waste in doing your hair, paintings,  admiring yourself in the mirror etc, that you would have invested in prayers, soul winning, deepening  your relationship with God etc. Where  is God's interest in all of  these? You will give an account to God on how you spent you time! If you can’t give up things, is it your life you will give?

Yes, the truth is that, after having been defeated by the world, we then think we can run and hide in the Church under the banner of being saved  by grace in Jesus, and continue to bear poisonous fruits. There is no one who can see the  glory of Jesus and still love sin in any of its forms. It is a fact that we  cannot  taste of the glory of Jesus  and still be in love with the ways of Satan.

If the attire we put on, is an erotic body exhibition in the name of Christian modernity, then be sure the judgment throne of God is waiting for you. The heart of a person going straight to hell, produces sexual immorality which consciously or unconsciously flows outward, in their way of dressing. For the young believer, one may understand. But if someone has been in the Lord for three, four, five, six years and is still dressing as was in the world like a prostitute, then such is a fake believer journeying to hell. A woman’s heart  is on her hair. If you look at the hair, it tells you her story. You can know  whether she is already backslidden, or is walking close to God. It is only a matter of time.

The story is on her hair. The fool can be mistaken and say it is just something on the outside. It is the overflow  of the heart. The Enemy has built a stronghold in the heart, and it is beginning to come out. When a sincere convert comes into the Church and find such people, he will go out and never come back. He will say, “ No, this is the wrong place. These people belong to the place to which I belonged until recently”. Because the outward appearance tells the first story, all the other things will follow. It is only a law that the outward appearance tells the first  story as earlier mentioned.

Don't deceive yourself by saying "we are saved by grace". Ananias  and Sapphira were saved by grace but  disobeyed the Law of God that says " Thou shall not lie", and went to hell. Sin is disobedience to God's word which means functioning on the principles of Satan. God won't allow you because Satan will accuse Him for injustice, and we all know that our God is a just God.

If  after dearth, Satan went to claim the soul of the mighty Moses who spoke to God face to face, fasted multiple 40days dry fast! Then what more of you and me?(Jude 8). Satan masters very well the principles(Laws) on which God operates. He knows that we can't disobey a single word of God and go free,  and so does everything to move us to disobey. It is the word of God that will judge  us, and not salvation by grace. That is why the Lord commands us :

"Do not let this book of the Law(Holy scriptures) depart from your mouth;  STUDY   it  DAY AND  NIGHT  and make sure you OBEY EVERYTHING  THAT IS  WRITTEN IN IT, then you shall be  PROSPEROUS and SUCCESSFUL". Joshua 1:8:  Therefore, you shall be prosperous and successful:

·       Spiritually

·       socially

·       Materially and

·       Financially.

It is  OBEDIENCE to ALL of God's word that leads to this, and not going to see a big man of God to: prophesy on your life etc, touch you to fall on the ground, talk  things about your life. Or usage of anointed:  water, oil, stickers, pictures, salt, handkerchiefs    etc.

With regards Christ coming for the rapture, the bible says: " God's temple in heaven was opened and the covenant Box was seen there. Then there were flashes of lightening, rumbling and peals of thunder, and earthquakes, and heavy hail" Revelation 11:19.

The covenant box appearing first means the Laws(word) of God coming to judge the world. What is in the covenant box? The Ten commandments, and we all know that the whole bible rotates around the Ten commandments. It is the detailed expansion of the Ten commandments.

Dear sister in the Lord, God is stepping into the last phase of his work, which is that of perfecting the believers( Church): Spirit-soul-body in ready for the rapture to take place. It is God's top priority now(His program now). There are many of his servants He is raising now, and who will be emphasizing on complete Holiness: Spirit-Soul-Body,  that many former great men of God you know, might not have been doing. We must understand the following clearly:

·  " Without Holiness, no one shall see God" Hebrew 12:14.

·  " Only the pure in heart shall see God" Matthew 5:8.

·  "He did this to dedicate the Church to God by his WORD, after washing it in water, in order to present the  church to himself in all its beauty-pure and faultless, without spot or wrinkle or any other imperfection" Ephesians 5:26-27.

So, you need to be very careful and not let your pastor whom God might have been using for his yesterday program , to negatively influence you against God's program for today.  Get your heart in tune  to the Spirit of God and  let Him  direct  and lead you into what He is doing now. You must raise your spirit now, beyond denominational spirits, else the doctrines of your denomination, blocs you from hearing God and so fail to get into perfection before the rapture and end in hell.

I pray you to try by all possible means and lay hands on a copy of this book: Imminent End of the world ! Fire soon to dissolve the earth  and all the works on it, in this 3rd Millennium". Published by Iuniverse Inc. New York U.S.A. There is so much in it from the Lord to ready you for the rapture at any moment from now. Contact:


Br   Ezra Orando Chea A.

Non-denominational Bible T eaching Ministry for the Perfecting of

Saints and healing of the Sick:

www (237) 677310370







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