"......We must pray  Communist leaders, intellectuals, and youth to our Lord and savior......"

  God did answered this prayer made in 1987 for Russia, and  Today we have Putin being used by God for His divine work.


What did God say?:

Tell My children who have fasted that I have accepted their fast and accepted the contribution to ensure that My Exalted Son has total victory in the Communist world.  I have accepted their fast. I exchange it for reward in My kingdom on that Day, each one according to what it has cost him. You will continue to lay hold on  what  you have conquered but it will be by prayers and literature(to communist lands) but never again through long fasts

                                 What really happened in 1987 ?

 ".....The first Satanic prince that the Lord called us to overthrow is the Prince of Communism. During my first forty-day fast I was carried in the spirit for a tour of the world during which the Lord showed me the present power of the prince of Communism and his plans for world conquest. He then gave me the key to the overthrow of this prince. He said to me.:

 “ The secret behind  the growth and expansion of communism is absolute commitment and utter sacrifice. If there are people who are prepared to commit themselves to Me in an absolute way and sacrifice everything for Me to an extent that measures up at least to that of the communist, I will work with them and ensure that the Prince of Communism is overthrown”

Later, after much prayer and waiting on the Lord, we sent the following letter to our co-workers in the Lord.” We have decided at the invitation of the Lord to fast for twenty-one days(drinking water only) from 10 to 30 December 1987. We shall be asking God to make us into the type of people who can co-operate with Him for the overthrow of the prince of Communism. We shall also be asking that he should raise many others who, through absolute commitment to him and utter sacrifice for Him, will be used to overthrow the Prince of Communism.

I invite you personally to join with us in this fast. Some of us will fast twenty-one days but any one who is prepared to fast for seventy-two hours(three days) or more can join us.  We will pray for  each warrior by name. If you intend to participate and would like us to pray for you, please fill the form below  and send it to me.

Thank you indeed.

Zacharias Fomum

Yaounde,  Cameroon,                                   

                                    The  1st  Fast

The Twenty-Day Fast: 10 To 30 December 1987 The Overthrow Of The  Prince Of Communism Worldwide.

Beloved brethren, we thank God  who has led us to set aside a time of fasting for the overthrow of the prince of Communism worldwide. We thank Him for enabling us to discern the secret of this Prince: Total commitment and sacrifice .

When the communist says there is no God, this is  falsehood because  it opposes the existence  of God. The average communist is loyal  to its goal for world communism as what is better  for mankind. If the communist is committed to falsehood then the believer’s heart has to be committed to God, to total truth and honesty. This is the challenge before us. Our commitment and sacrifice has to be total in order to overthrow this prince.

In the light of this, let us pray that each believers:

1)     Will see that communism  is a system  against God.

2)     Will understand that the secret of this system is total commitment and sacrifice.

3)     Will see the price he has to pay in order to overthrow this Prince,

4)     Will face the fact that an honest and pure heart before God is a prerequisite for        warfare.

5)     Will see the horror of loving a judge world

6)     Will have a spirit of repentance, separation, and judgment of the world and its offers in all forms. 


On the seventeenth day of that fast, 20 December 1987, the Lord told us that the fast had accomplished its purpose, the prince of Communism had been overthrown and we should stop the fast then. We rejoiced and praised the Lord, having stayed away from  fifty –one meals. There were brethren from many countries involved in the battle, although 90 percent were from Cameroon.

On 23 October 1988, we sent out a letter to the brethren, part of each reads: “Beloved, you will remember that we fasted, in December 1987 for the overthrow of the Prince of Communism.   God has continued to do great things in opening up the communist world to the glorious gospel of His Love.

However, we are not through with communism. It is religion that holds billion people in captivity. We made inroads into Communism last year during the fast. This year, we must press on for total victory.

1)     We must open up all Communist Lands to the glorious gospel.

2)     We must open the hearts of individuals to the Lord and we must pray that the Church in the communist lands should   never grow cold or lukewarm.

3)     We must pray hundreds of millions of bibles into Communist countries.

4)     We must also pray  that many excellent Christian  books will be translated into Chinese and Russian languages  and into the other languages spoken where Communism has had a grip on the people.

5)     We must pray that the books are translated, produced and circulated.

6)     We must pray  Communist leaders, intellectuals, and youth to our Lord and savior.

7)     We must  pray  multitudes of consecrated and sanctified  apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers from among believers in Communist lands for Communist lands.

8)     Finally, we must pray that the Church in the non-Communist lands will catch the flame and zeal of the Church in Communist lands.

                                                            The 2nd  Fast

  ".....The fast for  'The lord’s victory in the Communist Lands',  will begin on 5 and end on 25 December 1988......"

For these things, we are going to fast for twenty-one days. It is a complete fast(water only). You can fast for any number of days as you team up with us, but we suggest a minimum of three. Please, fill the form below and send to us. Give the extra copies to others who are interested. The fast, The lord’s victory in the Communist Lands,  will begin on 5 and end on 25 December 1988.

There is a team here that fasts and pray for those in the fast. Stand with us and do not hesitate to fast and send in your form even if it gets to us long after the fast.

We wrote out the names of the following Communist countries that we know about and labored in prayer throughout the fast that the Lord may have His way unhindered in each:

1)      Ethiopia                                      16)  Guinea Bissau

2)     Nicaragua                                  17)  Mozambique

3)     East Germany                           18)  South Yemen

4)     Yugoslavia                                  19)  Benin

5)     Poland                                        20)  Congo

6)     Bulgaria                                     21)   U.S.S.R

7)     Angola                                       22)   Afghanistan

8)     Hungary                                    23)   Bhutan

9)     Surinam                                    24)   Mongolia

10)   Rumania                                    25)   Laos

11)    Albania                                        26)  Macao

12)   Finland                                       27)  Cuba

13)   Czechoslovakia                        28)  Vietnam

14)   Madagascar                               29)  North Korea

15)   China                                           30)  Cambodia 

The fast was the most difficult we had ever face. Personally, I suffered the agony that I normally suffer between the thirty-fifth and fortieth day of the forty-day fast, between the seventeenth and the twenty-first day of the fast.

Many people stopped short of their expected number of days, but a number of valiant men and women pressed through to victory. On the morning of the twenty-first day of the fast, 25 December 1988, the Lord spoke to me. The last thing He said concerned the fast. He said:

“ Tell My children who have fasted that I have accepted their fast and accepted the contribution to ensure that My Exalted Son has total victory in the Communist world.  I have accepted their fast. I exchange it for reward in My kingdom on that Day, each one according to what it has cost him. You will continue to lay hold on  what  you have conquered but it will be by prayers and literature(to communist lands) but never again through long fasts


We decided to look at our records in order to see what was the involvement of God’s children in this second fast for the Lord’s victory in communist lands. We had asked the Lord for fifteen hundred participants from twenty-five countries. The participants after giving reasonable time for the forms from other countries.

 Concluding statistics . The lord’s victory  in Communist Lands.

Participants per country under the Ministry of Prof Zacharias  Fomum( In Cameroon)

Country                                                                                     Number

               1)  Angola                                                                             2   
2) Benin                                                                               2    

               3) Cameroon                                                                      1230    
               4) Congo                                                                               6
               5) France                                                                               3

               6) Gabon                                                                                5

               7) Ghana                                                                                4

               8) Vory Coast                                                                       17

               10) Kenya                                                                                1

11) Niger                                                                                  5

                12) Nigeria                                                                            86     
                13) Norway                                                                            1

                14) RCA                                                                                  29

                15) Scotland                                                                          2

                16) Sierra Leone                                                                  5

                17) Tanzania                                                                          3
                18) Tchad                                                                                5

                19) Togo                                                                                  6

                20) Uganda                                                                            1

21)  USA                                                                                   1

                22) W. Germany                                                                   1

                23) Zaire                                                                                35

                24)  Zambia                                                                           62

Was The Prince Of Communism  Overthrown?                    

The question must linger in many hearts as to whether the Prince of Communism was overthrown. All we can say is that the  God who called us to  fast and pray for his overthrow told us that he had been overthrown. This was on 20 December 1987.

We believe  we heard God correctly both about the fast and about the result ,of the fast. We however do not need to defend ourselves.

If God did speak to us and we heard Him correctly, then from 20 December 1987 and on, there should be changes-far reaching changes in Communist lands in their attitudes towards:

1)     Communism

2)     The imprisonment of believers.

3)     The barrier to the entry of Bibles and other Christian literature.

4)     The refusal of the freedom of individuals.

5)     And so many other changes.

 If the prince of Communism was indeed overthrown and if believers continue to stand in the gap, then millions  of people in Communist lands should turn to the Lord Jesus in a few years at a rate that is phenomenal.

Many communist approach to life and seek an approach that is more godly.

We look forward to the Lord to fulfill His word to us.   Amen "

Extract from the book titled: “ The Practice  Of Intercession”, page 185-192 by  Prof: Zacharias Tanee Fomum

 We all know that this came to materialize from the invisible to the visible in 1990. Glory be to God!!!!!!!

Today, Russia is greatly enjoying the wonderful favor Of God. She is in the hands of God and a wonderful instrument in His hands for His divine purpose.

 God bless Russia.

Br.  Ezra Orando Chea  A.

Non-denominational Bible Teaching Ministry for the

Perfecting of Saints in ready for Rapture and Healing

of the Sick: wwmissionary@yahoo.com, ezrachea@yahoo.com

                           www .imminentendoftheworld.com.Tel: (237)  77310370





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