Hello dearest blessed  Brothers and  sister in the Lord! Hallelujah!!!!!

Hope all keeps going on well by the grace of our blessed lord. This night of the 5th day of the Fast, God Spoke. Is a wonderful privilege for the Lord Almighty to take pleasure in our fast, and answer. What a favor!!! This night He appear speaking that He has heard us.

He opened heaven above and let pour down blessings. I saw some white grains or seeds just like rice but not really it, pouring down in abundance as you see snow gradually chilling down. Soon, it had covered the whole place. I then sat down to gather, and testing it, in my mouth, I couldn't really define its taste. Almost salty or a bit sweetish? I can't really define. So as I was gathering a sufficient quantity to go prepare for myself. I got up.

The spirit led me to the blessings of MANNA, God poured upon his people in the desert. I opened to Genesis 16:31 and it read ".... The people of Israel called the food MANNA. It was like a small white seed......". Hallelujah!!!!!!!! This is exactly what I saw.

The message is very clear as the spirit ministered: We are now in the world which is like a desert just like the Israelites where in a physical desert. He allow the Israelites through the desert for testing with aim of perfecting them and blessing them with MANNA.

Equally too we too are in the world He considers a spiritual desert absent of holiness, in which he will be testing us unto perfection and pouring upon us just the blessing we need that are in His perfect will (Just sufficient Quantity to gather). You can read all of Exodus 16 on the history of MANNA. Certainly God will let you get some more inspirations.

The message therefore is very clear! God has answered our prayers and pour the blessings of the New year, and we just have to receive them in our life. And as the people of Israel gathered just a portion for the day-which equally I saw myself gathering just a quantity, so too will God materialize in our life as we receive, only that which He sees important for us upon all that we might have desired for the New year. No one will gather more than what God intend for himself, but only that which GOD has for him at a time according to his perfect will program for him in heaven.

Therefore, as you are claiming them upon your life, you may have presented very many things which is normal, but you will only see materializing in your life, only those that are his will for you now.

Therefore those materializing in your life should just be understood as those He bless you with for this year. And the others you won't be seeing them materialize in your life, just understand they were not his perfect will or fall in the program of your life this year. And so you must not complain or mummer because you will be sinning against him.

Satan will cause you to mummer and complain, but be very, very careful not to fall in his trap.

Thank the Lord for all those you see materializing, and patiently wait for Him to timely materialize His own program in your life because it is the best. He will be working them out in your life according to the program He has for you in heaven for your own very best. Remember God has only the best for his children.

Then with regards preparation for bread to break: Warm little water and put some salt in it. Then put in a small quantity of flour and mix it up like wanting to make cake. Then put some little olive oil in it and mix.

Then press it into flat form and bake dry either on dry frying-pan or oven. Get some raisin(none alcoholic win). Put a quantity in a glass. Put the unleavened bread in a plat before you and the win. Then stretch your hands over and pray.

1) Lord Jesus, thank you for the privilege you give me to eat your body and drink your blood.

2) May this bread be transformed into your living body, and this win your living blood.

Prophesy saying:

1) As I eat this living body of Christ and drink his blood, that the power of sins over this my mortal body will not prevail in the name of Jesus.

2) As I eat this living body of Christ and drink his blood, I will live the resurrected life of Christ in holiness as Christ body is holy the the mighty name of King Jesus.

3) As I eat this body of Christ and drink his blood, I will live the resurrected authoritative life of Christ against any power of the devil, in the name of Jesus.

4) As I eat this body of Christ and drink his blood, every unclean seed of darkness sowed in my body either through nocturnal night meals, sex etc be flushed out in the name of Jesus.

5) As I eat this body of Christ and drink his blood, I reconfirm myself as Peter the rock on which Christ has built his church against which the gates of hell shall not prevail in the name of Jesus.

6) As I eat this body of Christ and drink his blood, every power of any sickness in my body be it of spiritual or biological origin, die and wither and my body be sterile, barren and infertile to you in the name of Jesus.

7) As I eat this body of Christ and drink his blood, I cloth upon myself the Christ divine power of health, protection and provisions in the name of Jesus.

8) As I eat this body of Christ and drink his blood, I render my spirit invisible to the invisible world of darkness in the name of Jesus. That no arrow fashion against me shall prosper in Jesus Name.

9) As I eat this body of Christ and drink his blood, my heart will be clothed with the radical obedient power of the Lord as to be quick to obey his word in Jesus name.

10) That as I eat this body of Christ and drink his blood, my tongue will be clothed with the sword word to be release as I preach, to piece through hearts, convince and convict them of sins, to move unto repentance in the name of Jesus.

11) As I eat this body of Christ and drink His blood, every closed or blocked doors in my spiritual, financial and material life be smashed open in the name of Jesus Christ.

12) That as I eat and drink this blood of Christ, may it continue to speak the favor of mercy in my life against any accusations from the devil and his demons in the name of Jesus. From this examples, you can then continue to prophesy as the holy Spirit leads you.

The ones that are in that small book are those I will be proclaiming. Since you have them with you, you could equally proclaim them upon your life and those of others.

So, we are ending on Saturday-Sabbath, then plan for a day to celebrate in thanks giving and feasting to enjoy ourselves before Him as He has commanded.

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