Below are list of  possible 210 idols found in the human heartWhich of them can you find in your heart?  (Extract from Book  Imminent End of World page:223-232)

The bible says:  Only the PURE in HEART shall see God” Matthew5:8


 "Little children, keep your selves from Idols"

                                         ( 2nd John 5:20).

Our Idol- Chocked Hearts Lead Us To Disobey God.

The Lord’s outcry against the idols in our hearts is illustrated in this text:

  - Mortal man,” he said, “these men have given their  HEARTS to IDOLS and are LETTING IDOLS lead them into SIN” Ezekiel 14:3.

  - When they return, they are to get rid of all the FILTHY, disgusting IDOLS they find, I will give them a NEW HEART and a NEW MIND. I will take away their stubborn HEART of stone and will give them and OBEDIENT HEART. Then they will keep my Laws and faithfully OBEY all my commands. They will be my people , and I will be their God. But I will punish the people  who love to worship FILTHY, DISGUSTING IDOLS” Ezekiel 11:18-21.

Do we want to be “a chosen race, a royal priest-hood, a holy nation, God’s own people”? Then get rid of all your Idols as it is written: Little children, keep your selves from Idols( 2nd John 5:20). Yes, let us get rid of the idols of our heart, for as it is written:

So that he may establish your hearts un blamable in holiness before our God and Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all his Saints”(1st Thessalonians 3:13). Remember that no one with an Idol heart shall see God(Matthew 5: 8).

Below, is a complimented open public tract of men of God advising us on possible idols of the heart and things of the world in our hearts that must be  treated in collaboration with the Lord.

Yes, “You can receive a heart free from  idols today”. Prayerfully look at the list and see which of these idols are in your heart. Be true and honest with yourself and get rid of that monster ‘SELF LIFE’ in you :

01) Ingratitude to God.

02) Ingratitude to parents.

03) Ingratitude to Spiritual leadership.

04) Ingratitude to employer.

05) Ingratitude to employees.

06) Love for ease.

07) Love of sleep.

08) Love for comfort.

09) Love for clothes.

10) Love for cars.

11) Love of landed property-lands,

12) The desire to be praised.

13) The desire to be promoted.

14) The desire to be consulted.

15) The desire to  outclass others.

16) The desire to be seen.

17) The desire to be heard.

18) The desire to have the final word.

19) Fear of failure.

20) Fear to be forgotten.

21) Fornication in thoughts and action.

22) Adultery in thoughts and action

23) Masturbation

24) Homosexuality

25)  Incest

26) Fear of the presence of God.

27) Rebellion against Political Leadership.

28) Rebellion against spiritual leadership

29) A capacity to  withdraw and be shut up in self.

30) A critical Spirit.

31) Rebellion against employer.

32) Rebellion against husband.

33) Rebellion against parent.

34) Rebellion against school authorities.

35) Bitterness.

36) Love of Television

37) The first place in the heart has been given to the tribe, state, country etc.

38) The first place in the heart has been given to the family.

39) An unforgiving heart.

40) A heart that   remembers what should be forgotten.

41) A heart that forgets what it Should remember.

41) Pride because of physical looks.

42) Pride because  of academic attainment.

43) Pride because of  social position.

44) Pride because of the success of children.

46) Pride because of financial wealth.

47) Pride because of Spiritual gifts.

48) Pride because of talents.

49)Pride because of the success of parents.

50) Pride because of husband’s success.

51) Pride because of husband’s position.

52) Laziness.

53) Self- advertisement.

54) A Spirit of revenge.

55) Severity.

56) Lack of tenderness

57)Lack of capacity to be true to anyone.

63) Love of Special types of food.

64) Excessive Love of meat.

65) Gluttony.

66) Love of football.

67) The first place in the heart has been given to the profession.

68) An unusual love for children.

69) An unusual love for partner

70) An unusual love for parents.

71) Stealing God’s tithe.

72) Love of money.

73 )The stealing of paper, envelopes and the like from the employer.

74)The abusive use of Telephone because it is paid by someone else.

75)The abusive use of water, electricity, etcetera.

76) Prayerlessness.

77) Superficiality in prayer.

78) Sleeping always during prayer.

85) Unfaithfulness in fullfilling promises made.

86) A capacity to make promises thoughtlessly.

87) Self-created loneliness.

89) Lack of an overriding purpose for living.

90) Cowardice.

91) Lack of power to keep the mouth shut

92) Lack of power to keep a secret.

93)Lying by completing the parts of a story that are forgotten by things of personal creation.

94) Lying to cover one’s failures.

95) Lying to cover those that are beloved.

96) Exaggerating the weaknesses and failures of some.

97) Moods.

98) Falsehood in expressing need.

99) Pretentious love.

100) Pretentious care.

101) Fear of the future.

102) Worry about the future of children

103) Unbelief.

104) A Spirit of hoarding.

105) The stealing of time from the employer.

106) Spite.

107) Fear of man  rather than God.

108) Fear of being idenfied as a believer.

109) Fear of public opinion.

110) Lack of burden for the lost.

111) Lack of love for the saints.

112) Sellfishness towards believers.

113) Sellfishness towards unbelievers.

114) Sellfishness towards the needy.

115) Sellfishness towards mate.

116) Sellfishness towards children.

117) Sellfishness towards parents.

118) Desiring things that are not needs.

119) Love of Debts.

120) Unwillingness to pay debts i.e. having

money but not paying one’s debts.

121) Discouragement, Worries

122) Restlessness, Flattering

123) Love for gain.

129) Lack of a capacity to turn away from sin.

130) A wandering spirit.

131) Love of the world.

132) Love of the things of the world.

133) Stealing of God’s glory.

134) An undecided Spirit.

135) Extravagances.

136) In discipline with money.

137) In discipline with time.

138) Inferiority complex

139) Superiority complex.

140) Cunning.

141) Guile.

142) Timidity.

143) Instability

144) Absence of deep conviction.

145) A cold heart towards God.

146) A cold heart towards man.

147) Exposing the faults of others..

148) Hiding personal faults.

149) A fastidious spirit.

150)  Jesting.

151)  The Spirit of entertainment.

152) Murder in thought.

153) Self will.

154) Self justification

155) Teaching what is not practised by the Teac her.

156) Lying silence.

157) Love of vanity.

158)  Manipulation

159) At home in disorder.

160) Egoism.

161) A weak will.

162) Self-centredness.

163) A stubborn will.

164) A compromising Spirit.

165) The love of worldly music.

167) An unusual inclination towards the opposite sex.

168) An independent spirit.

169) Hatred for people.

170) A callous spirit.

171) Intolerance.

172) Procrastination.

173) No hatred for sin.

174) Stealing the praise that is due to others.

175)Using people to accomplish sellfish interests.

176) Hatred for ugly people.

177) Desire for the company of the mockers of God.

178) Preference of the company of the inferiors.

179) Possessive Spirit over people.

180) Possessive Spirit of things.

181) An unusual capacity to initiate plans that are known will not work.

182) A Spirit that is easily deceived.

183) Love of the Satanic supernatural.

184) A Spirit that easily gives up.

185) Inability to give oneself to anyone.

186) Self -doubt.

187) An unusual attachment to sports.

188) Pretentious involvements.

189) Sternness.

190) An unusual capacity to blame others.

191) A spirit of slander.

192) An unusual capacity to jump to  conclusion from little or no evidence.

193 An unusual capacity to take decisions that is not the fruit of much thought.

194) Telling as testimony a story that is a mixture of reality and imagination.

195) A developed capacity to serve or do things just when someone is looking or supervising and to stop immediately such a person is gone.

196)An unusual capacity to resist being influenced positively by others.

197) An unusual capacity to initiate projects but never complete any.

198) Hatred for those

who love the lord exceptionally.

199) A fear of setting goals

200) An unusual capacity to blame oneself.

201) An unusual capacity to daydream.

202) A preference to ‘day dreaming’ to translating ideas into action.

203) Lack of desire that Jesus should return in one’s generation.

204) Doubting God’s word.

205) Doubting God’s servants.

206) Worship of idols.

207) Desire to be seen.

208)Exaggerating the strengths and accomplishments of some.

209) A fear of God’s presence that results

in an incapacity to sustain a long period of intercourse with God.

210) Discouragements.


To this list of idols, the Lord says: If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me(Matt16:24)

Remember apostle Peter because of an idol of the heart for Love for his life, denied the Lord three times. While Moses because of ancestral idol of anger, failed in his call. Moses was born in the house of Levi cursed with anger (Genesis 49:5-7,Exodus 2:1-13).

When we come to the Lord our grave cloths must be taken off  (ancestral and personnel bonds). When the Lord gave life to Lazarus, He ordered for his grave cloths to be taken off  and set free (John 11:41-44).

This is what we are supposed to do when we move from death to life believing in Christ. Unfortunately we never go through this unbinding process from grave cloths (deliverance and heart circumcision), and then remain bound by them.

(This will be handled in details in another book, because it is the basic fundamental foundation for a new life growth in Christ). This respectful servant of the Lord Prof. Zacharias Tanee Fomun in his exhortations advice that:


The first step towards an idol- free heart is the identification of the idol.

Say to God. My lord, I identify the following idols in my heart, if there are some others that are not on the list, show them to me and I will include them on the list of idols that are on my heart.

The second step towards an idol-free heart is to hate the idol. Ask and keep asking the Lord to give you His hatred for the idol. When you receive God’s hatred for the idol, overthrow the idol from your heart once and for all. Only when what is loved is hated, can deliverance take place. As soon as the idol is overthrown, build a hedge around your heart from further entry.

Do this with each idol until all of them have been overthrown. Then you seek and receive confirmation from the Lord that you have parted with all the idols in your heart.

The third step towards an idol-free heart is to lay your idol -free heart on the altar of irreversible, radical, and total consecration to the Lord. Pray saying, “My Lord, I lay my heart, soul and body on your alter now and forever.” It is yours. It will always be yours.

 It will never be mine again come sun or come rain. I also lay on your alter for your possession and for your service, all that I am, all that I have, all that I will ever be; and all that I will ever have. I am yours 100percent in every way and forever. Do with me, as it seems good to you.

The fourth step towards an idol free heart is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Ask to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit.

The last step towards an idol-free life is to be committed to righteousness.

Before, you planned sin and committed sin. Now, do all you can to take the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ to the largest number of people in the shortest possible time. Go on with that job until Jesus comes back. Anyone who thinks that he has turn to the Lord but is still consciously keeping idols in his heart, is a lost sinner.


 In order to become God’s people, God told Abraham, our father of faith:

“ This is my covenant, which you shall keep between me and you and your descendants after you: Every male among you shall be circumcised. You shall be circumcised in the Flesh of your foreskin” (Genesis 17:10-11).Who were those to be circumcised? It is written:

 “Both he that is born in your house and he that is bought with your money Shall be circumcised”( Vs 12-13).This, pointing to spiritual circumcision of our ‘flesh’, which is no longer, the physical foreskin, but our heart.

The Bible talks of the circumcision of Abraham our father of faith in these terms : He received circumcision as a sign or seal of the righteous which he had by faith while he was still uncircumcised … but also followed the example of the faith which our father Abraham had before he was circumcised(Romans 4:11-12).

Therefore, as Abraham believed in the Lord before circumcision of his foreskin, so too are we to believe in Christ before circumcision of our hearts from idols.

Consequently, today it does not just suffice to be a new born being bought by the blood of Christ. The most important thing is to be circumcised in heart from idols by the Holy Spirit.

With regards redemption, we have all been born and bought by God through the blood of Christ, but if our hearts are not circumcised, we cannot part-take in the testimony of God’s people. “For he is not a real Jew who is one outwardly, nor is true circumcision

something external and physical. He is a Jew who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart, Spiritual and not literal (Romans2: 28-29).

“And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your off spring, so that you will love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live (Deuteronomy 30: 6).

For some illustration, one can take the text of Galatians 5: 16 that says:

This I say then, walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fullfill the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusted against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh … Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these, Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, God told Abraham:

Any uncircumcised male who is not circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin shall be cut off  from his people; he has broken my covenant( Vs 14).

Therefore, all those who were not circumcised, were to be cut off from God’s people. Linking this to testimony, it means the entire uncircumcised in heart can never be an instrument for God’s testimony.

Thus, a man can well be bought by the blood of Christ and have life but if he is not circumcised and his natural life passed through the cross, he can never be a member of God’s people (member of Christ’s Body); and consequently be cut off. The Lord further emphasize the necessity of circumcision saying: lasciviousness, hatred, anger, strife, heresies … … … … (all idols of the heart).

But the fruit of the Spirit is Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance … (Galatians 5:16-23 king James Version).

With this text , I carefully handle one idol of the heart after another, as already mentioned by overthrowing it from my heart( i.e I pray it out of my spirit ). After this heart circumcision from idols by the Holy Spirit which sometimes is very “painful”, I then pray into my spirit, the fruits of the spirit.

For Example: I pray into my spirit, the fruits of the Holy Spirit of: Love, gentleness, joy, peace, and long-suffering which is not suffering because of sins, but for the Lord’s service. This cancels the modern preaching of carnal comfort in the service of the Lord.

We must note that the Holy Spirit we have been baptized with from God constitutes all spiritual blessings from God. After the cleansing of our spirit from the works of the flesh, we then pray the flow of His fruits into our own spirit so that through our spirit, we can then experience them materializing in our lives from the invisible to the visible.

 The human spirit is the channel through which God’s Holy Spirit in us flows the character of Christ through us. We can have the Holy Spirit dwelling in our spirit but not being able to flow through our unbroken or uncircumcised spirit outwardly to our bodies, the fruits of the Spirit.

With spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit for ministration, we pray them to manifest in our ministry. God then through the channel of His Holy Spirit dwelling in us, manifest them in the measure that He likeswith regards to what He wants to use us to do..

At times therefore, He may by-pass the nature of dirtiness of our spirit and overflow through His Holy Spirit to carry out some works of healing, to cast out demons, to operate miracles and wonders etc …. This will justify what He says in Matthew 7: 2123 that:

Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do what my Father in heaven wants them to do … … In your name we drove out demons and perform many miracles!

Then I will say to them, I never knew you, Get away from me, you wicked people. As believers, we must understand God’s functioning principles with the Holy Spirit and us, so as not to confuse the whole notion of salvation by grace in Jesus Christ.

When the Holy Spirit comes into us, His first task is to circumcise or breakdown our spirit from idols, so as to be able to flow through it. When we talk of the heart of a man, we do not mean the biological physical heart but the human spirit, because the heart of a man is it’s dwelling place.

But He cannot do it without our collaboration. Therefore, a person who denies to collaborate with the Holy Spirit in praying for exposition of the heart’s idols, and overthrow them, will still keep the nature of the devil(flesh).

And if so, then we don’t see how such a person will enter the kingdom of God with just his mere confession of being saved by grace in Jesus Christ. This, since the Bible clearly says:

Do not fool yourselves people who are immoral or worship idols, adulterers, greedy, steal, slanders… none of these will possess the kingdom of God (1st Corinthians 6:9-11). It is therefore very clear that, no uncircumcised heart can serve and please God……………………..…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

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