Dear brethren, are you an authentic   born again child of God (John 3:3), who has been praying and praying  and  praying  but   it seems God has closed his ears from hearing and answering  your prayer ?  One important cause of this may be your disobedience to   His WORD.

The bible says:  “If you do not obey the WORD OF GOD, God will find your PRAYERS  TOO HATEFUL TO HEAR” Proverb 28:9. Then other complimentary texts to this says:

  “ Why do you call me Lord, Lord and yet do not  do  OBEY THE WORD? “  Luke  6:46.

- My mother and father and brothers are those who HEAR the   WORD OF GOD and OBEY” Luke 8:21.

- How happy are those who hear the  WORD  OF  GOD  AND OBEY  it” Luke 11:28.

- “…BELIEVE   and  OBEY”  Roman 1:5

- “ This book  of my  Law(WORD ) shall not depart out of your mouth, but you  shall meditate  on it DAY  and  NIGHT,  that you may BE CAREFUL TO DO ACCORDING TO ALL THAT IS WRITTEN  IN IT; for then you shall make your way PROSPEROUS, and then you shall have GOOD SUCCESS” Joshua 1:8

So what we may  actually be praying for, could be in the perfect will  of God, but  God closes his ears from hearing because of  our disobedience to  HIS WORD which He knows has been clearly revealed to us and we are convinced and convicted of it, but consciously chose to disobey.

Adam and Eve clearly heard God’s word not to eat the fruit but chose to DISOBEY and ATE! Something that today , we will  just  say a “common” fruit , and will not obey same as we are not obeying his words today on the basis of being saved by grace in Jesus.

The bible says: “  Which does the LORD prefer; obedience or offerings and sacrifices? It is better to obey him than to sacrifice  the best sheep to him. Rebellion against is as bad as witchcraft, and arrogance is as sinful as idolatry1st Samuel 15:22.

So no matter the type of sacrifices we think we are doing to God: Giving  offerings, tithes,  praying, preaching  the gospel, teaching, doing some social humanitarian work etc.., if we are consciously disobeying what He has revealed to us to obey, he closes  his eyes from seeing  what we are doing, and ears from hearing what we are saying.

We are all convicted that God sees the  HEART!  Yes, God sees the heart based on what? Certainly on obedience to his word, or disobedience ! In another simple sense, there are 3 kinds of  hearts:

1) -Rebellious hearts to obey the word of GodThey hear the truth of the word of God, and are  well convinced and convicted  of it, but  refuse to obey.

2) - Hearts that are slow to obey:  They hear and are convinced and convicted,  but take time to argue about it even though they know it is the truth. So they raise some false points to defend their error  and even use some bible texts out of context .

They at times think of whether they should obey or not. But If God loves them, he will do everything possible to crush their rebellion and bring them to submit even through pains if possible

3) -Hearts that are quick to obey: They hear something about the word of God and are convinced and convicted of it, and  hurry to  obey.  If they still have some doubts, they hurry to research, ask God about it, then flow in obedience.

They don’t carelessly argue about what they don’t know for fear of arguing God’s truth. They really have a heart that loves and fear God, and will want to obey him and only him, at all cost even unto death.

  If they discover some scriptural  truths which their denomination doesn’t apply and will not want to tolerate, they  will  prefers to leave, than submit to denominational doctrines and disobey the truth God has revealed and commanded them to obey. What matters to them is what God has said, and not what men are saying.

So, where does your own heart falls?


- Let’s pray that our minds will really be opened by the Holy Spirit to understand these spiritual truth, and do something about  our  quick obedience to the LORD, when he has convinced and convicted our hearts on his word to be   obeyed.

- If you know where you are consciously disobeying him, raise a prayer of repentance  and begin straight away to obey Him.

- If you do not really know precisely where you are disobeying, ask him: Lord, where am  I disobeying you and causing you  to close your ears from hearing my prayers?

Continue to pray as the Holy Spirit may lead you

This so that, he will open his ears to hear our prayers and answer them, and equally see the sacrifices  we are offering him in various ways.

This is merely the skeleton of a human being below,  that should remind you and me of how this biological body we so cherish, and use to disobey God with, will end!

Where will the soul then spend eternity? Let's then fear God and be quick to obey Him :


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