CAN WE STEP IN MIGHTILY NOW FOR CHRIST?

“And this Good News  about the kingdom will be preached through ALL the world for WITNESS to ALL mankind and then the End will comeMatthew 24 :14.

Brethren, the LORD want  to use you as an instrument  to bring to pass this his word  in  Burma  in ready for the end. So He cries out:
 “ Whom shall I send?”

Brethren, the LORD want  to use you as an instrument  to bring to pass this his word  in  Burma  in ready for the end.  So He cries out: - “ Whom shall I send?” 

Are you to answer like Isaiah did:

- “ Send me Lord? Isaiah 6:8-8.

Yes, this Country has been for centuries, a very stronghold  of  Buddhism , and doors are opening now for  real penetration of the gospel of  REPENTANCE FROM SINS  for salvation through Christ.

Gospel of  REPENTANCE  FROM SINS  for  salvation through Christ, because  if there has been something here , it has just been a pagan  religion of a  death “Christianity”,  that  saves sinners  not from their sins but with their sins.  What we call “counterfeit Christianity” just like we have in many places of the world.

The good thing here is that, this counterfeit  “Christianity" , has not really gained grounds here, and so the people  are well disposed to receive  the authentic Christian with power to save sinners from their sins  for the salvation of their souls.

There are very many areas here where  Jesus Christ  as the savor from sins for eternity  is not yet known, and so when he is preached and sinners led to repentance, His power move tremendously to CONVINCE and CONVICT heart! 

So,  the the people practically experience the powers of an invisible Jesus Christ, contrary to the  fruitless idol worship they have been given to, without  tangible results of his good presence in their  lives.

                                    Brethren of the Myanmar Power Mission Church      

           How did they arrive here ?

The sacrificial efforts of this  young Dynamic servant of the Lord: Pastor Macho(in the middle with a tie and hands on the ground-on the other, crossed) making use with what ever instrument at his disposal. From the photograph below, you see him and his team of young dynamic youths, braving all odds of hardship and difficulties to go through.

And wonder, the glorious power of the holy spirit  working to transfer souls from the kingdom of darkness of  that of light, and producing the type of scene above scene. Former adapts of BUDDHISM, lost in the presence of our Lord


Pastor Macho with cap in the hand praying; and his team with
two Local loud speakers for the job.

Experiencing  the moving power of the holy spirit, they are very much sacrificially bent to take Christ at all cost to deep suburbs as you can see from this pictures below even at night, with their own sacrificially made communication instruments and electrical  equipments.


He wrote to me some times ago of  building a bamboo school to train students for the work . I will like us share some of his e-mails to me, raw:

 Dear Br.  Ezra!!    

“…We have built our bamboo school.  Just as now is a times to open every school in our country, I and all members also preparing for our spiritual training school able to open in coming next week as we have prayed before.

And dear brother, if there is any suggestion concerning about our humble school, we do appreciate for it. Also you can gives us any subject for classes.

Now i'm arranging all subjects and courses for our training school….Thank you so much for you have sent to us valuable the book  for the sake of our member spiritual lives.    We are so glad and get courage through your book.

Dear brother,


".....I can see that our God has a plan for you and me to share His goodness greatly among our nation.

Now also i have 7 student and when they finshid their course, they are ready to go wherever our Lord has send them.

Yes, we all are ready to suffer in ministry for the sake of our Lord Christ……….”

Pastor Macho Teaching.


After some few months he sent to me another mail:

 Dear brother Ezra,

         We all are send greeting to you in the name
of our lord Jesus Christ. Love and peace from the father and son and the holy spirit be your forever and ever.

       This morning i have closed our bible school for a week just as time is come to break first semester. All the student were sent to their own missions field to preach good news. Yes brother,  i'm  so glad received such students those who are having passion more than me to extend kingdom of God. Now they all were gone by their own transportation.

I do believe that if you see them, you too will feel over joy on them. They really love God so much.Actually they are different tribe from me..."
So, after a few months of training, the students went out at their own personal expenses traveling on foot and sustaining their own  living cost where ever necessary.

And the Lord Jesus Christ, uses them to transfer souls from the kingdom of darkness to light. Will their recompense not be greater in heaven?

They are making enormous  efforts isn't it?  Certainly  sacrifices in his work is what the LORD expects


  Dear Brother Ezra

“ …….By the grace of God, now some of student are getting a new sheep by preaching gospel where they have evangelist.

My self is here in my house to pray for them and preparing to give only baptize to those who are converted from Buddhism….

macho(Myanmar power mission church)

As they come to Christ, they  share their meals together joyfully and  this remembers me of   to  the foundational new testament Church:

" All the believers continue together in  close fellowship and shared their belongings  with one another. ......Day after day,  they  met as a group in the Temple, and they  had their MEALS together in their homes , EATING with glad and humble hearts, praising God, and enjoying the good will of all people. And every day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved" Acts 2:44-47


Dear  Br  Ezra

“……..We cannot see you but we could feel you
for we have the same spirit which is given by holy spirit.

In the next week i and all student will go mission and we'll have testify a bout you there also……”


Dear brother Ezra,

                   Greeting from Myanmar.

                          Praise and thanks to be our God.I have been there in my mission trip to other state to preach the gospel.

There is
so many people are still don't heard about the salvation and the kingdom of God.

I and my followers were shared a lot about the Christ
who is to come, with cordially.

Yes, brother,most are pay attention to

our teachings.They invite me again..."



          Pastor Macho and his student on the mission field

Dear Br  Ezra


“…….You know, When i think  about my  co-worker family and theirs children's life,I feel always sad because they still face poverty for i'm absolutely nothing for them..

I and my wife always  cry out to Lord Jesus with tear and other side i look other way how to rescue  their life so that they may have more confident in God's mission by trusting......."


                     Pastor Mancho, Wife and Children

The rural population is equally very poor, so we try  to see the various ways we can contribute in teaching them how to faint for themselves especially through agricultural aids because the soil is very fertile. As they turn to the LORD and are  drilled on making daily live hood, the local  churches will be helped for more expansion.


I wish to share this pathetic letter Pastor Macho wrote to me, that greatly touched my heart.

Dear  Br.  Ezra

"......Actually i don't know  but i know is i love God and there is nothing can separate me from the love of
  Christ our lord.

If possible i want to give my body organs for this ministries.

Unfortunately there is no one hospital that's buying such man's organs here  in my country.

The life that which is can't glorify our God's name is good for  nothing brother. There is nothing wisdom in my life to glorify but  with my strength......"

Dear  Brother Ezra

".......Also i would like to request you to remembering us in your prayer
in our lord..As you have seen in photo,the land that we renting is
about to hired by others..

The land where my school and our assembly

are living is cost 100$ per month..Actually i do not want to move
from this place.We will have discussions about this land owner in
this week.

                         Please have patience for my humble request and
do remember us in your powerful prayers time.
also we never forget to pray for you and your writing article.
we appreciated all your helping in the name of our lord and always
give think to the lord for your remembrance.

Can we help this Ministry, by going there personally ? Or if we cannot answer God's call to be on the field there in Burma, can we send our own support( financial, material or otherwise) to represent us there?

Yes, God is calling you to Burma! Will you pay a deaf ear to God's call?

 Can we all help to raise this church building through our own little contributions?  Is a  laudable effort isn't it?