The Lord Ask Us This Question:  Why is it that Many People Starts Worrying Why they are not Rich immediately they believe?…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

We must note that, a human being is made up of  Three (3)component: Spirit-Soul-Body.

God does not divide a man and have his soul to bless and his body to curse.

When we believe, the Lord normally starts blessing us from our Spirit  outwards to our soul, then finally to our body. Therefore, spiritual blessings are always first before material blessing. The length of time on which this process takes place, will depend on our degree of collaboration through hard work in the undoing and doing process.

We  Need To Be Patient To Do His Will, And Receive His Promise Blessing In Every Area Of Our Lives! ( Hebrew 10:36-37)

The most  dangerous element against our progress in the Lord, is IGNORANCE which quite often for many, result from laziness. The Lord says my people are perishing for lack of knowledge. How much effort do we invest in search of divine knowledge? Let us with all honesty before the LORD, answer this question:

How many times have you read the bible successfully through, from Genesis to Revelation? 

We can waste hours on the internet distracting ourselves on saying some words of how we love Jesus, but can’t spend 10minutes in reading the bible, for knowledge, as well as other inspired Christian literature.  Brethren this is another very wise disguised  strategy Satan  is using to deceive  believers with.

When we  spend these hours upon hours on the net distracting ourselves on some pictures and words about Jesus and how we love Jesus,  we are deceived by the devil to believe that we are doing good by talking about Jesus and so, all is okay.

If we want to argue, let’s ask ourselves the question why  we   find it very difficult to invest just a ¼ of the numerous hours we spend on the net, to read the bible or to pray? Yes, Satan will always disguise as the spirit of life. Internet has it evil and good sides, so we the children of  God using it, must heed to this command of the LORD: “ You must be cautious as snakes Matthew 10:16


Back to our central topic! The LORD  blesses the spirit and leave a certain good degree of maturity there FIRST, before blessing us materially so that the  spiritual maturity will handle the material  blessings from moving  us  astray. Therefore the LORD imparts  maturity upon our spirit, that will help us manage the material  resources.

So, if the material blessings are not yet coming, they will come gradually as we do our best to collaborate with the LORD, to work out the MATURITY  of our spirit.   

To be honest brethren, if you are an authentic believer (real born again child of God), I exhort you not to bow to the modern Christianity teaching  that says:  We need not boarder to sacrifice in prayers and fasting  because Christ has done all for us  since we are under the reign of GRACE.

We must collaborate with the Lord in prayers and fasting to move the blessings(prosperity) of our: Spirit-soul-body. Many of us  for our many years in the LORD today, are still very poor in our: Spirit-soul-Body, out of ignorance of what precisely to do especially in the domain of collaborative prayers with the Lord.

The Lord, has appointed various ministers to meet up the needs of the body of Christ, but unfortunately our ignorance has driven us to self sufficiency , that we think we can work independently  from one another.

 As someone with the Teaching gift(Ephesians 4:11),  who humbles to learn from others in their own divine ministry, I have CAREFULLY discern that, Br Elisha Goodman is fully operating in his divinely ordained prayer Ministry, that is helpful  to assist you collaborate with the Lord, to move the blessings of your: Spirit-Soul-Body. I promise you will learn from him, things that you might have never imagine that will move you from durst to glory, especially in the midst of an increasing confused born again Christianity preceding the end.

For those of my brethren who have been following my line of teaching, and honest before God to discern my frank speech, I promise that, you will be  marveled to discover such experimental practical prayer strategies . I have been struggling with you  in some prayer practical prayer strategies, but fortunately God  has given us someone excellent in this area.

So, you get connected to him in this domain, and he  will be of a wonderful  to help, on directing you on what to do. He needs no protocol, nor  is charging any pastoral fees.  His site is link is :

The site may not seem to have what you want, but the books may have. You can freely download this  free copy if you wish for some inspirational exhortations:

You may equally personally write to him, through:

Brethren, we must be interdependent on one another, as to move into perfection in ready for the rapture, reasons for the various diverse ministerial gifts of God. To this, the bible says plainly :

“It was he who “gave gifts to mankind”: He appointed some to be Apostles, others to be Prophets,  others to be evangelists, others Teachers. He did this to prepare ALL God’s people for the WORK OF CHRISTIAN SERVICE, in order  to BUILD up the BODY OF CHRIST. And so we shall all come together to ONENESS in our faith and in our FAITH and in our KNOWLEDGE of the son of God; we shall become  MATURE PEOPLE, reaching to very HEIGHT of Christ’s full stature.

Then we shall no longer be children, carried by waves and blown about by every shifting wind of the teaching of deceitful men, who lead others into error by tricks they invent…Under his control all the different parts of the body is held together by every joint with which it is provided. So when each separate part works as it is provided. So when EACH SEPARATE PART WORKS AS IT SHOULD THE WHOLE BODY GROWS AND BUILDS ITSELF UP THROUGH LOVE Ephesians 4:11-16.

Brethren, the   LORD says: His Church(believers), who know Him, are handicapped before the enemy because  we are not using the COMBINE weapons of warfare he has given us which are:

   1)  RADICAL OBEDIENCE TO HIS WORD( 1st Corinth 10:4-6, Matth5:17-20,1st John3:22, Ephesians 16:14-19, Joshua 1:8).

     2)  FASTING(Matthew 4:1-3, Act 13:2-3 Daniel 10:2, Esther 4:15-17,Deut 9:18, Jonah 3:5,)

     3)   PRECISION IN PRAYERS, RIGHT TIMING AND OPPORTUNE  PRAYING : Act 3:1,Act 10:9,Act 15:25, 1st John 5:14-15, Psalm 55:17, Daniel 6:10, Exodus 11:4-6,Judge 7:19,Luke 18:1-8,Matth 7:7-11, Luke  11:1-13. Judges 16:3).


Therefore the Lord is saying that, for us to effectively enjoy the victory of Christ in our lives over Satan and his demons  in our: spiritual and  socioeconomic life, we must COMBINE the above 3weapons of  warfare against our enemy.


Else we remain dominated by him and not be able to drink our milk and honey (spiritual and socioeconomic prosperity) in Christ. Can the difficult situation in which you may be going through  now,  be as a result  of your ignorance of this?

Remember the  Lord says his people are perishing for lack of knowledge. Can you arise now from  slumber and start combining these weapons as to rise from durst to glory for the glory of God.

Keep being bless as you: “ Keep on working with fear and trembling to  complete your salvation, because God is always at work in you to make you willing and able to obey his own purpose” Philippians 2:12


Br. Ezra Orando Chea A.

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