The Pleasure Of Sex Outside Marriage Is The Pleasure Of Death!…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

Dear  Brethren!

To begin with, we all acknowledge the point that, SIN is the only fundamental problem existing between God and man. And when this is successfully handled, all the multiple problems we suffer are automatically solved like: sickness, poverty, famine, worries etc.., . and above all, Hell.

The bible says: “ In your struggle against SIN you have not yet RESISTED to the point of SHEDDING YOUR BLOOD” Hebrew 12:4.

 To ignore the SIN problem and go to focalize on the secondary issues, is great seduction from Satan to end us in Hell.

Sex outside marriage is a terrible abomination before God, because even as we say every sin is sin, sexual immorality is the number one sin emphasized in the bible:


- Avoid immorality. Any other sin a man commits does not affect his body; but the man who is guilty of sexual immorality….. ”1st Corinthians 6:18.

- Can you carry fire against your chest without burning your cloth? Can you walk on hot coals without burning your feet? It is just as dangerous to sleep with another man’s wife. Whoever does it will suffer”? Proverb 6:27.Any woman not married is another man’s wife.

“…Sexual immorality is the short cut to death” Proverb 7:27.




This is because, through just ONE act of illegal sexual, we will not only carry from the others, thousands of curses that immediately becomes active in our lives to later flow unto our descendants 3rd to the 4th generation, but equally open doors to the influence of thousands of demons in our lives.


For example partner "A" has illegal sex with partner "B" who had illegal sex with partner "C", gets connected to the curses and equally opened to the demons active in the live of partner "C", and so on. So, partner "A" who only yoked himself with partner "B" in illegal sex, automatically yoked himself to the other sexual partners of "B", and so forth.


This is one of the reasons why the LORD says, he who joins his body with another in illegal sex, becomes one with that one.

Therefore, we must flee from sexual immorality because any other sin a man commits is out of his body, but he who commits sexual immorality, sins against his own body( 1st Corinthians 6: 15-19). Therefore, a whole generation of people and nations can easily be yoked and destroyed by Satan through illegal sex.


And since sex deals with the stimulation of some sensational body excitement, Satan easily begins sowing the seeds of sexual excitement at very young tender age. And if we or our parents had been given to sexual immorality before and in marriage, our children already bound by our curses of sexual immorality, will have their obedience to demons of sexual immorality, easily flow without any problem.



-I go to bed with someone other than my officially married partner.

-I caress someone in the way to cause sexual satisfaction.

-I masturbate myself. -I secretly kiss someone whether on the hand, jaw or mouth.

-I secretly embrace someone as to cause sexual stimuli.

-I caress any part of a person’s body: hand, face, back, etc with pleasure even if it is in the public.

-I write a secret love letter to someone which I want to be kept secret.

-I call someone with a secret pet name that I hide its existence to whoever proving that the  relationship is suspicious.

-I pay visit to someone that I will not want any person to know.

-I watch immoral films.

-I read immoral books.

-I love phonographic pictures.

-I lustfully look at the picture of a woman with some exposed parts of her body.

-I deliberately look at some one's private part, when that person is not noticing or is dressing.

-I have an immoral thought towards someone. -I imagine myself in sexual relation with someone.

-I advance an immoral word or an immoral suggestion towards others.

-I sing immoral songs. -I listen with pleasure to immoral songs.

-I always love the company of the opposite sex than those of my own sex group etc..


If any one of us is doing any of these, then we are guilty of sexual immorality before God. Unless we repent now, we are sure candidates for hell:”…..fornicators, adulterers , liars….their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death” Revelation 21:8.


That said, any sexual act outside marriage, brings spiritual death and physical death will just be a matter of time. Today, stoning to death as was in the old testament no longer exist, but we are spiritually death, unless we repent, and physical death can then follow in any manner(accidents, diseases etc... ).



- Heavenly father, may you convict our hearts to the truth that the pleasure of every sexual act outside marriage, is the pleasure of death!

- Father, we pray that you open our minds to the understanding on the realities of the

  various forms in which sexual immorality may be manifesting in us.

- May our minds be open to the understanding that, every sexual act with another person other than our legitimate partner, is yoking ourselves to become one with him/her, and consequently carry all his curses, that will flow to our descendants 3rd to the 4th generation.

-May your holy spirit engrave upon our hearts that, every other sin committed is out of our body, but the one who commits sexual immorality, sins against his own body.

-We pray that you grant us your divine revelation on the gravity of sexual immorality that you command us not to resist it, but to flee away from it.

- Father, may our hearts be convicted right now, to radically stop every sexual immorality we may be involve in, in any of its forms.

- May it dawn upon our hearts right now that sex is only for the married. In the name of Jesus Christ.



There is what we called nocturnal night sex. This is very rampant with those practicing sexual immorality in any of the forms above. We may even be a virgin but victim of nocturnal sex. This just goes to confirm the biblical point of sins committed in thoughts through any other form above, and not necessary copulation. The bible says plainly when a man joins himself in sex with another, the two become one( 1st Corinth 6:15-17).


Therefore, when we got ourselves yoked to others through our sexual immoral life while we were lost in the world, we equally got yoked to their curses. As we come to Christ, until these things are properly handled, the scares will still be serving as connections and used by dirty spirits to have access to us for nocturnal sex.


Quite often, when we come to the Lord, and still keep the things of our former sexual partners( pictures, things that they bought for us etc..), demons use them as connections for nocturnal sex with us. To totally destroy these bridges, we must tear or burn all the pictures, and if possible restitute back to our former sexual partners, things they bought for us ETC...


When we will begin handling health issues, we will see that most of these nocturnal sex are responsible for some fibroins, sterility, stomach grumbling etc.…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

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