We want first of all to thank   all our brethren( for their support, in  the ongoing 45days  fasting- prayer program.

Dear brethren,  on  January 8th 2007, the LORD GOD showed me in a night vision, ISRAELITES   WAR  PLANES  flying  to  attack  IRAN, and they were supported by  AMERICA and  some other Countries.

We are today in 2011  that this vision is coming visible in the physical, as we get recent  Israelites declarations  this November , and recent  reports of the Atomic agency of Iran’s  ambitions on developing  dangerous weapons.

As I listened to   world media declarations  on  Israelites  intentions  of attacking   Iran, my mind was taken back to what that LORD had shown me, and my conclusion is that, this is going to be imminent. And if as such, then what is my role or  what is our role as  Saints(believers) in Christ, in such a situation?

It is certain that every authentic child of God must not speak against because it will be speaking against God’s action. Remember the bible says God never repents from his gift, and as he  had blessed physical Israel saying:

“ Whoever bless  Israel will be blessed. And who ever  curse Israel will be cursed” Numbers 24:9, she remains blessed. It is true that  today, every believer in Christ is spiritual Israel, but it must be noted that,  the promise he had made on physical territorial Israel, remains.

None is Ignorant  of   the  Iranian President's declaration of  curses on Israel , declaring its need to be wiped off  from the map of the world.

However, these attacks are only lots of the End Times happenings preceding the Imminent End Of the world. Russia and China  will refuse to support any further UN sanctions against Iran, therefore an influential factor for  Israel's preventive defensive move.

What are authentic  believers in Christ then to do?  The bible says: “ First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings  be made for ALL   Men……that we may lead a QUIET and PEACEABLE  life, ….This  is good, and it is acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour, who desires  ALL  MEN to be saved, and to come to the  KNOWLEDGE of   TRUTH” 1st Timothy 1:2-6.

In this text therefore, God’s perfect will is very clear that we pray so that ALL MEN  come to the knowledge of the truth, which is repentance from sins and salvation through Jesus Christ, and be saved.

It is equally God’s perfect will that ALL men leave a QUIET and PEACEABLE life. And for this to be accomplish, we the born again children of God must pray. Our duty  is to always take stand with  God, rather than sentimentality  to please ourselves  or men.

Not forgetting the fact that we have our brethren in Iran,  and  the  fact that each and every Iranian is inclusive in the word : ALL men, and  the right to live a QUIET and PEACEABLE LIFE, we are to PRAY in discernment with the spirit of the Lord.

Let's pray that a peaceful solution may be sought out and Iran brought to reason so that peace may prevail and attacks avoided. But if it  doesn't, then let's pray in case of any attacks.


-      That the eventuality of such attacks should not miss it targets(the war armament  sites for world destructive weapons), and  destroy lives which are souls that may be precipitated to hell, which might have been saved with time.

-      That the eventuality of such attacks, should not be exploited by the devil to  escalate into full blown war for broader scale of mass destruction of souls. Pray that as the Lord do permit it, let it be very limited to just the specific area he wants to reach. Pray and bound every satanic war demons that may want to escalate the war.

-   That in the eventuality of such attacks, God should grant the Iranians a QUIET and PEACEABLE Life, without any fear and panicking that such events always provoke.

Continue to pray as the Holy Spirit may lead you. 

It is very fundamental that you  do all to lay hands on this book(Imminent End of the World), as to be inform before time of many things God has revealed that will come to come to pass.

Remember the bible says that  God never does anything without revealing it to his servants the prophets( Amos  3:7). Check these links for this prophetic  book: 

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