Snatching Souls From The Hands Of The Devil And Transferring Into The Kingdom Of Jesus Christ Is Fundamental, And Every Sincere Born Again Child Of God Must Answer This General Call.…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

In praying for the salvation of a soul, the following proposed steps must be taken:

Have a book of record in which you take names of those you announce Christ and they are interested.

Come out with a praying and fasting program to begin presenting each and everyone of them before the Lord for the salvation of their souls.


For God’s light on sins to reach the sinner’s heart for sincere repentance to be produced, we must pray in this direction:

- Lord, opens his spiritual sight to see that SIN is  piercing a sword in your heart (Genesis 6:5).

- Grant him the grace to see sins the way you see them in relation to your holiness.

- Grant him divine revelation on sin, which is eternal separation from you in HELL.

- Stir up and revolt his heart and entire being against sins.

- Put in his heart your divine anger, bitterness and hatred for sins.

- You can continue as the Holy Spirit inspires you…..

You, know, there is a mental knowledge of sin, and a revelational knowledge of sin. A mental knowledge of sin can never produce a sincere repentant heart. The one who has received a divine knowledge of sins will have a godly sorry that will produce sincere repentance from the depth of his heart. Because every sin first is against God, before secondary its consequences to man.

 Therefore, repentance from sins is towards God (Act 20:21). If I first see sins as to what evil it may bring to me (eg if I steal, I will be caught and imprisoned). It can’t produce sincere repentance towards God.

 Ask the Lord to reveal to you his or her family and personal fortresses (worldly things in their lives-idols), that may stand as obstacles for their radical turning to Christ. If you could get the book: Imminent End of the world, in which is a list of over 210 idols in the human heart and 5 steps on how to overthrow them, you can well be guided. But if you can’t get the book in any of it’s forms, just go ahead , the holy spirit will guide you on how to proceed.

Ask the Lord to identify the strong satanic chains of blindness that may harden their hearts against radical repentance and turning to Christ. You then get into prayer of authority to uproot and overthrow them, then plant and build Christ in their hearts spiritually just by your words.

 To this the bible says: “To day I give you the authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and plant” Jeremiah 1:10.

To win a soul for Christ, we first do it spiritually in the invisible with the Lord, before it materializes to the visible. After the spiritual work in the invisible when we now move physically to present the gospel to the one concern, it will just be harvesting the favorable fruits of the work already done in the invisible in favor of the soul.

When we want to plant a farm what do we do? Firstly we clear it from thorns and cultivate the harden soil to soft and fertile one, good to plant the seeds. You can’t take your maize seeds then go and just be scattering them in a thorny bush.

This is the same method we must apply to the human heart. Let’s apply this method to our family members and friends, and see how wonderful it works. If you don’t really know how to go about this in details, please let me know? That I may guide you.

By working in this manner, this scripture will be accomplishing in your life :" That those who wept as they sow their seed, gather the harvest with joy! Those who wept as they went out carrying the seed will come back singing for joy, as they bring in the harvest” Psm 126:5-6.

Will you not be answering in this way the cry of your lord:” The harvest is large, but there are few workers to gather in” Matth: 9:37? You will! What a pleasing thing to him?

This is real accountable working through which He is going to evaluate us for a reward.

Are you not still convinced of the invisible hands of the Lord, trying to beckon you to settle and mean business with Him? When you settle down with him in this manner, there will be no time for you to waste in unnecessary things that won’t help you in your goal.…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 


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