Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this my PRAYER OF BLESSINGS wishing you a GLORIOUS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2O18 in your SPIRITUAL, SOCIOECONOMIC life below, is for you! (  Carefully read to the end, to receive THEM  in your spirit).…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

Begin a prosperous New  2018, Flying in Great heights like an eagle !!!  Yes, always be an  Overcomer! 

Happy and Blessed Prosperous New Year 2018 to all !!!!!!!!!!

This is the Right seasons God fixed for you to arise and enter your New Year blessings!!  With words of your lips from your heart, use the POWER OF PROPHESY and prophesy blessings on your life, family, Church, village, town, country, continent, world!!!! 

Prophesy closing the gates of evil seasons in your life ending the year 2017 period, and open the gates of new seasons of blessings for the period 2018 before the LORD for yourself, etc.


God desires all His authentic children to prophesy blessing on their lives and those of others. Has He not said “...but rather that ye may PROPHESY..”?1st Corinth14:1. It’s God’s will that ALL his children born again have the gift of Prophesy as to be able to prophesy on their lives and others etc

By the power of word like our creator in whose image we were made, let’s bring into existence blessings and off from existence curses in our lives etc.. In ignorance we are allowing the devil trump her over our lives, families etc. Jesus answered “It is written in your own Law that God said, ‘You are gods’ John 10:34.


 We are today, in the 1st Month of the year (Easter Month which is Roman March) marking the departure of the people of Israel from Egypt, to Canaan, that the LORD spoke and said:”THIS MONTH IS TO BE THE 1st MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU...Exodus 12:1-2(continue to verse 20). Look up in the sky and you will see the New moon for the new year beginning in a ‘c’ form (I made the moon to mark the end of months Psm 104:19).

If you  very much want to know  the exact date of  Pass over-what we called today Easter(when Christ was arrested and crucified) , is simple:

This year before the Lord is Ending  by 17 March  2017(Roman Calendar).  As such, the 1/1/2018 from Saturday ,We start expecting the coming out of the New moon from this day forward. We can then celebrate as led in spirit -Deut 14:22-26


Brethren let us ask ourselves these question: Is our God the God or DISORDER or ODER? Why then all these disorder with everyone having his own End of year to celebrate as if God was a God of disorder?:

-      The Romans through the Roman Catholics  celebrate the feast of Saint Sylvester  31st Dec-1st January in memorial of his death as new year( Many Christians follow this as accomplishment of Daniel 7:25 with the Lord already warning us that  Satan will Change God’s Times and Laws and  believers in Christ will obey him in these changed).

-      The Chinese have theirs.

-      The Orthodox has theirs etc.......

But as for you an authentic believer in Christ, living by the word of God, yours is clearly revealed in the Holy Scripture: Exodus 12:1-2. Has the Lord not commanded us to read and meditate his word day and night as to obey all that is written in it for our success and prosperity-Joshua 1:8? 

Yes the Lord says” Your people will build what has long being in ruins, building again on the old foundations. You will be known as the people who rebuilt the walls, who restored the ruin houses” Isaiah 58:12.


Therefore, Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this my PRAYER OF BLESSINGS wishing you a GLORIOUS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2O18 in your SPIRITUAL, SOCIOECONOMIC life below, is for you! (  Carefully read to the end, to receive THEM  in your spirit).


It is Spiritually correct that after a good stock taking with the Lord for the past year, we should stand on the mountain of blessing with the Lord and bless abundantly, for when we bless, we are doubly blessed. The LORD say:

“Whoever bless Israel will be blessed. And who curses Israel will be cursed.”
Numbers 24:9. Remember today that, ALL BORN AGAIN CHILDREN OF GOD(John 3:3), are spiritual Israelites.

My dear brethren, members of the body of Christ world wide! It is a privilege for me to stand on the Lord’s mountain of blessings at this appropriate timing, and prophesy blessings in spirit of the Lord, upon you. May you receive them materialize in your spiritual and socio-economic life, from the invisible to the visible , for the glory, honor and power of the Almighty God, in the name of Jesus! Have you been preparing with us from previous topics?

Then it’s right time for you to receive! After my three days withdrawal in prayer retreat with the Lord, I came out with this prayer of blessings for you.


1) Precious Heavenly father and source of ALL creation, the fountain and showers of blessings! You, who by grace through the blood of King Jesus Christ transferred me from the mountain of curses , to that of blessing that I may stand with you to bless!

2) I humble before your great and mighty throne of blessings now, in this FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR that you spoke of in Exodus 12:1-2, to bless, for a wonderful prosperous year 2018.

3) I beg that you be attentive to listen to my voice and bless, not because we merit it but out of your abundant love expressed through the precious blood of your dear beloved son- king Jesus Christ, and materialize them from the invisible to the visible!

4) In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I release .your abundant blessings for this year 2018 from your throne of glory, and proclaim their materialization from the invisible to the visible according to your perfect will upon:

 Your saints who have gotten into your spirit and truth of stock taking of their lives for the ending year, at this your right appointed timing, and have brought before you the desired plans of their hearts according to your will for you to bless it’s accomplishment in this new year 2016, beginning from this first month of the year! You say in your words:

“Ask the LORD to BLESS your PLANS and you will be SUCCESSFUL in carrying them out” Proverb 16:3. On this therefore, I stand before you with these plans for you to bless them to succeed.


- That they will experience an extraordinary growth in their spiritual life in this new year 2018, as to reflect the nature and stature of Christ to be ready for the Rapture!

- That in this End Times characterize by global socio-economic turbulence, their hearts will be more heavenly orientated and enflamed for the things of the Lord in:

Reading and meditation of the word.

● Watching and praying always as to be ready at any moment of your arrival as you command.

● More burning hatred in their hearts against the love of the world and the things of the world.

● A more seeking spirit to know their specific calling or assignment as to begin doing it faithfully.

● A more burning heart in praying for the growth in spiritual maturity of the Universal body of Christ(Church

- That their hearts minds will be more open to the understanding of Matthew 24:15=Daniel 7:25-28=Revelation 14:9-20.

- That the back-slidden in any domain of their walking with you, will be totally restored.


1) That those seeking for jobs or looking for a way to ameliorate their lives will find favor before you and have a wonderful break through.

2) That those already in jobs be protected as not to lost them and be rendered unemployed, which may affect their spiritual life.

3) That those wishing for legitimate promotion in their jobs will have it.

4) That those schooling will have their hard work blessed with success. - That the singles wishing to get married will receive from you their husbands and wives this year, according to your will.

5) That the childless who have been weeping before you to be fruitful, will have their sterile birth basket or wombs, becomes fertile and begin to produce.

6) That the marital homes of your children will be void of , divorces and they will know a stability that has never been known before.

7) That those who have been forced into divorce by the devil, but are looking for a way of reconciliation will have a victorious break through and come back to be re-united.

8) That those in honest business before you will experience a boom in their activities. May their capital be increased so that they will increase the wages of their workers and so improve on their living conditions, expand their business and so employ the jobless.

9) That let those doing farming enjoy your favor by having an extra-ordinary abundant harvest.

10) That those suffering from any type of sickness or demonic oppression will receive their total deliverance and healing from you in this new year.

11) That they will enjoy divine health from you as it is our legitimate possession in Christ.


That no scotching winds from Satan and his demons manifesting in any manner whatsoever: poverty , or precipitated deaths through sickness and accidents will reach the homes and lives of any child of God, in the name of Jesus!

2) That everything concerning any child of God, will be for this year 2018: barren, sterile and infertile grounds to any wicked attacks from Satan and his demons, in the Name of Jesus.

3) That there be a total rupture in their lives of any negativity from the devil in the past year, and that all be buried with the end of this year 2017, so that there be no spillover into this New year 2018.

4) That in the name of Jesus Christ, all open doors of any negativity of the past year remain completely closed with the blood of Jesus, in the domain of :

  • Spiritual sterility
  •  Material and financial poverty
  • Sickness
  • Bareness of the womb
  • Celibacy
  • Joblessness
  • Debts
  •  Marital instability
  • Love of the world and the things of the world etc......

5) That every arrow shot from the kingdom of darkness against any child of God and what belongs to him/her, will be totally paralyzed and destroyed in the Name of Jesus.

6) That fire of brim stones and sulphur will rain from the throne of the most High, all occultists alters, and bases of witchcraft practices against any child of God , in the name of Jesus Christ.

7) That I build a protective hedge seven folds round with the blood of Christ around your body, soul and spirit, and all your belongings just as it was for Job, in the name of Jesus.


Shall be friendly to you as He was friendly to Abraham and blessed you as He blessed him!

- Shall rejoice you with a fertile womb as he did to Sarah!

- Talk with you and guide you in His right ways, as he did with Moses!

- Favor and raise you as He did to Joseph!

- Fight for you and bless you with victories as he did for the Israelite, because today in Christ, you are Spiritual Israelite.

- Answer you in all that is in his perfect will as he did for Elijah, Esther, Daniel etc !

-May the merciful unmerited protective and salvation blood of Jesus overshadow all your weakness before the Lord, so that you may, the bible says: “ Keep on working with fear and trembling to complete your salvation, because God is always at work in you to make you willing and able to OBEY HIS OWN PURPOSE” Philippians 2:12-13.

-Heavenly father, because the spiritual, socioeconomic prosperity of your children will automatically mean that of your kingdom, we thank you for having heard and blessed. That we may live them now, materializing in our lives from the invisible to the visible.

In Jesus Name


Dear brethren in Christ! I believe everyone who has been sincerely following our teachings on this as to be spiritually in tune, will automatically get yoked to these proclamations and see them materialized in his/her from the invisible to the visible, because they have all been worked and obtained in the invisible from the Lord.

In this line, you can equally be guided by the Holy Spirit to:

  • Proclaim blessing upon your flock if you are a Shepard!
  • Proclaim blessing for your self where specific needs are!
  • Proclaim blessings for your spiritual and carnal family!
  • Proclaim blessings for your nation, continent and the world! Etc......

Are we not all adopted the sons of blessings in Christ to bless? We are! So let’s bless and ourselves doubly blessed!

If you are new to this page and will want to be in tune with this, please kindly take time to spiritually prepare by reading No 26 on or home page :

For cross tv  brethren, read backward our prayer topics Number: . 29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36 ..You may equally visit our blog page Number: 18;1
all of :

You will all agree with us that we never put God to test! Well, God may do as it pleases him, but we will want to believe that anyone who will just be trying to see if it will work, may certainly find his efforts futile.

You then rejoice before the Lord in feasting and thanks giving, on any day you may desire within this first month. Get something to feast on, no matter how little it may seem to be, and share with your family, neighbours and friends.

 Kindly read Deuteronomy 14:22-26, and be led by the holy Spirit to select that which should be done- pleasing to the Lord.

Enjoy your New year before the Lord and his angel for the Lord honors only his words ! Happy New year, 2018..... !!!!!!!!!!!!


From the diagrams above, a full biblical month constitute a part each of two Roman months. Example: The late part of February and the early part of March is the last month of a biblical year. Then, the last part of March and early part of April is the First month of a biblical year which is NISAN-Exodus 12:1-2

This is what the born again Christians in Israel follow. But unfortunately we call it the 'Jewish Law' as if it was not to them that God gave his living norms.

There are many who while reading this will not turn to the Lord for clarifications, but instead will ignorantly allow the devil to precipitate them into misquoting Paul's letters for their own very destruction as it is written:

"So also our beloved brother Paul wrote to you according to the wisdom given him, speaking of this as he does in all his letters. There are some things in them hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other scriptures. You therefore, beloved, knowing this before hand, beware lest you be carried away with the error of Lawless men and lost your own stability ( 2nd Peter 3:15-17).

OF His coming our Lord JESUS CHRIST SAID:

" When you see the abominations spoken of by Prophet Daniel standing in the Holy Place, then let the reader understand.."Mat24:15. We all know that Saints are the Holy place or Temple of God where he dwells(Body of Christ on earth-Church) So to this, what is Daniel 7:25 saying?: "He will speak against the Most High and oppress his SAINTS and change His Times and LAWS and the SAINTS will be given into his hands..."

Important to note is the fact that, this text is referring essentially to Saints of the Most High, who are authentic members of the body of Christ( “born again” children of God worshipping Him in spirit and truth John 4: 23).

Yes, this is the accomplishment Of the Prophecy of Daniel 7:25 . The devil has changed the Times and Laws of God and Saints are obeying him. Saints are the Temple of God where he dwells, and are the ones obeying the wrong Times and Laws that Satan has instituted through a counterfeit Roman Christian religious system against the right Times and Laws of God.

Daniel spoke 587 yrs before the birth of Christ and what Daniel spoke of, started happening in 313AD during the Roman Empire (the 4th beast of Daniel7:23), under the Roman Emperor Constantine(founder of Roman Catholicism). A Very staunch Roman Catholic said: " You criticize us for worshipping holy Mary and other saints but do yourself worship our SAINT SYLVESTER as New year! FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER -31st-December-1st January is in memory of the Roman Catholic Pope-Saint Sylvester who died 31st December 335 AD.

You claim to be a born again child of God, swearing only by the bible, can you swear by the bible on this our memorial feast in honor of our Saint SYLVESTER that you are celebrating as end of year? Who gave you the right to worship our Saint Sylvester, while criticizing our worshipping of holy Mary and other Saints? You rebels don't even know what you are doing. You oppose the only Church Jesus built in Rome through Peter and form other confused churches that don't even know their right from the right.

 You will all come back to Roman Catholicism" Looking at it critically, he was saying the truth. Nearly ALL the "born again" assemblies of God's Children on earth today, are still following Roman Catholic traditions. They are all passive Roman Catholics. The lack of knowledge in religious history and the understanding of the word of GOD is responsible for this.

We must understand that the whole world had been under Papal dominion(The little horn of Daniel 8:9-12) for over 1260years when the Pope was considered infallible and God's representative on earth, having civil powers to persecute where ever on planet earth, until 1798 when the French troops captured Rome. So, which are those Times and Laws of God that Satan has changed and the saints worldwide are obeying him? Is what every Saints expecting to enter heaven must seek to know. If you don't, then you are just being blind because the Lord ordered you to.

The sheep of the lord will hear his voice and follow. According to the text of Daniel 7:25 and our lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:15, it is therefore normal to see the saints of God worldwide, celebrating the feast of saint Sylvester as new year instead of the pass-over period clearly spelled out in Exodus 12:1-27…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

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