Don’t Celebrate The  25th December  As Birth Day Of Christ, And 31st December 1st January As New Year! 

But Led By The  Holy Spirit, I Celebrate The day Christ was born In My Heart“ Christmas” as I repented from sins, And The Right Biblical New Year.

 The Lord spoke and  said: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.

In which period was the LORD saying this to Moses and Aaron?

This was in the PASS OVER PERIOD  we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan. Therefore,  Biblical 1st month is March –April as seen on the biblical Calendar below.

On the other pages, we have already discuss  that:

- It was in this same period that Christ was born on earth to save  humanity?

- It was in this same period that Christ died on the cross, to give us life?

- It was in this same period that Christ resurrected from death and ascended up to heaven where he is sited at the right side hand of God interceding for us!

- It was in this same period that the Holy Spirit was poured on earth?

- It is in this same new year period that, he commands us to celebrate in thanks giving, praises and feasting before Him( Deuteronomy 14:22-26).

- It may probably be in this same period that Jesus Christ is soon coming for the Rapture. Who knows?

Are we to follow what the LORD commands in His word, or what Satan through men command?

The bible says:

-“ But what if our doing wrong serves to show up more clearly God’s doing right?.....But what if my UNTRUTH SERVES God’s glory by making his truth stand out more clearly? Why should I still be condemned as a sinner? Why not say, then “ Let us do evil so that good may come ?” Romans 3: 5-7.

-“ Never say anything that is not true, have nothing to do with LIES and MISLEADING words” Proverb 4:23-27.

Yes, I don’t
 wish anyone happy ‘Christmas’, nor ‘new year’! But  prophesize  a wonderful new year in spirit and truth(John 4:23-24) backed by the Lord, at His right appointed timing for it , so that it will be effective, rather than playing hypocrisy in professing lies from my lips that I know God won’t listen to ! He is an orderly God who has his norms that we must follow, and not a God of disorder. It is God who created man for himself, and not man who created God for him self.

There are two forces in action, in the world of which man is the major target:

-God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH, and

-Satan’s Evil Spirit of LIES.

For God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH to succeed over Satan’s spirit of lies, man who is the major play ground, must collaborate in TRUTH with the Holy Spirit of TRUTH for his own good.

But when we collaborate in Lies, with the devil’s lying spirit, we bloc God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH, and give victory to Satan over lives, for our own detriment. And for Satan to seduce and get us, he disguises by clothing his lies with some apparent good!

And what is a lie? It is everything that originates from Satan the chief liar, no matter how good it may seem to be. The bible says: “ But cowards ....ALL LIARS the place for them is the lake burning with fire and sulphur , which is the second death ” Revelation 21:8.

This therefore means that, it will be self seduction to think that we can use LIES and MANIPULATIONS to win souls for the God, or to glorify His name, and please Him in the name of grace in Jesus.

Quite often because of our ignorance by associating with Satan’s lies in the name of giving glory to God, we bloc the Holy Spirit from operating and cause a lot of damage to the kingdom of God, in favor of the kingdom of darkness! No lies can ever serve the purpose of God as He clearly says it.

Imagine me saying: Thank you Father for the birth of Jesus Christ on this 25th December ! It will be horrible!


We all know that Jesus Christ was not born on the 25th of December and that this is a pagan feast instituted by Satan and celebrated long ago even before the birth of Christ as a feast to the queen of Heaven-Jeremiah 17-20, then later disguised as Christmas-birth day of Christ, as we have carefully read from the other pages.

For me therefore to pretend it as the birth day of Christ for God’s glory and be wishing people “happy Christmas”, is lying and pure hypocrisy before God, no matter my good intentions. God can never be glorified in lies! He can never dirty his holiness with what is of evil origin!

The thing is that, we don’t really know the holiness of God, and think that we can just do anything for his glory. God lived in his glory before he ever created man, and will still live in his glory even in the absence of man.

If the children of God sat down to decide on a day to celebrate in thanking God for sending Christ on earth to save their souls and which they have repented to be born again(John 3:3), and not the day Jesus was born unless the exact day is known, there will be no problem. Unfortunately it is an evil feast celebrated in evil activities by those who don’t even know Christ, and the saints go and join them in the name of giving glory to God.

How I Celebrate The day Christ was born In My Heart“ Christmas” as I repented from sins, and real Month he was born(April)!

In the bible, Levi celebrated the birth of Christ in his life, with a great feast, as he repented from his sins: “ After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector named Levi, ..... “Follow me” Levi got up, left everything, and followed him. Then Levi had a BIG FEAST in his house for Jesus ....” Luke 5:27-29.

This feast goes in line with that celebrated in Heaven as it is written: “ In the same way I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over ONE SINNER WHO REPENTS ....” Luke 15:7. So it is in this line that we can celebrate the birth of Jesus for the glory of God.

We can on the day that we believed Christ as our Lord and savior  through authentic repentance from sins and   forgiveness  through his blood, organize a feast like in Luke 5:27-29, to thank God if I’m still in faith, and use  the occasion to   preach the gospel of repentance from sins to others  and lead them to Christ. If we do like this, it will be wonderful in the eyes of God and he will use it for his glory.

But just jumping into a worldly feast and start shouting “ Happy Christmas” the birth day of Christ, in eating and drinking, sexual immorality etc, is terrible!  I don’t see how someone like myself who has got such a light on these, should go to submit to manipulations of Satan and his demons. For someone still very ignorant, one will understand, but not me.

So, as we can clearly see on the Calendar below that we have clearly explain on other pages, during the right timing of Christ birth(in April the Roman 4th Month), since  there is no biblical reference of Jesus Christ and the disciples after him,  pompously celebrating the birth of Christ, I can just personally recall in prayers if need be  by the Holy Spirit, this is the period Christ was born on earth for the salvation of the souls of those who will believe  in him and repent for the salvation of their souls. And this will only be important if I have believed and not consciously living in sins.


If the Lord has warned me that the whole world is under the power of the wicked one, I should be very careful to verify the source or author of everything I see the whole world doing! If the Lord open my eyes to see that it is the devil in challenge to Him, I radically refrain from it even if I will be the only one on earth not to adhere! After all, He will judge us individually rather than as a group.

The fundamental problem of believers today is that, we walk with God not by hearing him, but with our sentiments, emotions, feelings, and philosophical reasoning.

To me, when I have carefully taken time to seek for the will of God on a matter, known it, I must obey and defend it without forcing it on people, even if it means death! God will never want anyone to obey him through force, but out of love for Him. So, whom should I fear ? God or man?

Equally, I DON’T CELEBRATE THE FEAST OF “SAINT SYLVESTER” -Disguised as new year!

As we go busy celebrating the feast of “Saint Sylvester” disguised by Satan’s LIES as new year, let us remember that the RIGHT END OF YEAR commanded and known by God, is still to come.

So we should be ready to get into it, and celebrate in thanks giving and praises, if we really want to enjoy the divine blessings set for this by the Lord, that Satan has wisely and intelligently been keeping us away from. We all know that in every obedience to the word of God, there is a blessing ; and in every disobedience there is a curse.


The bible says: “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.(read ahead to verse 20). This sounds a command to obey his Time as he has set in place!

In which period was he commanding this as the first month of the year? This was in the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan( please if you are serious with the Lord to know this, carefully study the Biblical Calendar on the  other pages  and read the details).

Why was it important for the Lord to give this command of specification , if we think times and periods do not matter to him?

Let’s equally ask this fundamental question : Why did God chose only the End of Year, and the Beginning of a New year to set his people free from the bondage of slavery in Egypt?

Certainly because He is the sovereign creator, and master of Time and seasons( Daniel 2:21), and always want his people to begin another airs or yearly period of 12 months( 2nd Kings 25:27) , in a special blessed way.

Therefore, they (his people) take stock of their lives for the past year with the father, give praises and thanks to him, then entrust the new beginning year for him to richly bless in all dimensions as inspired. Remember God had created man for a blessing before the fall, and not for a curse.

So, since there are very clear biblical instructions on its celebrations as we have seen, we celebrate it through three(3) fundamental stages as already elaborated on the other pages:

1)  Preparation in stock taking as seen on    point……

2)  Proclamation of blessings  for that year  as seen in the example on point…..

3)   Festive activities.

It is to be a wonderful feasting celebration for his children as the spirit of Deuteronomy reveals : “ Set aside a tithe- a tenth of all that your fields produce YEAR by YEAR ..... Spend it on whatever you want-beef, lamb, wine..... in the presence of the Lord your God, you and your families are to EAT and ENJOY YOURSELVES Deut 14: Verse 22-26.

The thing is that Satan has displaced it to his own time, and cloth it as the feast of Saint Sylvester. This is in accomplishment of God’s warning in Daniel 7:25, that Satan will change his Times and Laws, and we his saints(believers) will obey him. And this is exactly what we are experiencing. I don’t know if you understand what we are trying to say !

So it was not only to be celebrated as the day they were set free from slavery in Egypt, but year after year in praises and thanks giving unto God for their own blessings. It was not therefore something just limited to their deliverance from slavery in Egypt.

Today, our own day of deliverance from slavery in Egypt(world of sins) is that day we repent from our sins and move from the kingdom of darkness to that of light(Canaan), through Jesus Christ whose death became our Passover lamb.

Therefore today, we are led by the Holy Spirit in our yearly celebrations of End of year and New year as commanded in Deuteronomy 14:22-26, at the right appointed timing which is the pass over period we call Easter today-in March.!

This is the first month of the year before God, and we can chose any day within this first month for our festivities, and there will be no problem, since he hasn’t lay emphasis on the day. God made the moons to mark the end of the months, if we can equally use the appearing rising moon which is sign of the beginning new month(Psalms 104:19) as most of our illiterate village parent do, and even the Moslems , there will be no problem.

Let me turn this question to you my dear brethren: Will it be right for me to get into the presence of God and say: Father, this is the first month of which you commanded Moses and Aaron and said......! Or, this is the feast of saint Sylvester which the Roman Catholics instituted as new year in memorial celebration of the death of Saint Sylvester....? If you are honest and love me with the love of Christ, write and tell me which I should say!

How  I celebrate The Right Biblical New Year Day in feasting, and Rejoicing ...

This is that of celebration before god in thanks giving and praises in the first month of the year as we proclaim and enter our new year airs of blessings.

After the first and second step of stock taking and building of new vision for a better way forward, we then proclaim it into the new year new for God’s blessings to prosper, as we have seen  on the other pages,!

We then  do this in feasting, rejoicing, praises and thanks giving to the Lord as commanded in Deuteronomy 14:22-26 in the first month of the year, irrespective of the day. It can therefore be on the 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 6, 10th, 15th etc, there will be no problem.

Unless the born again children of God generally agree on a particular day to generally do it world wide which preferably can be at the rising of the new moon, they can individually choose any day and will not be sinning before God. The fundamental is that, it should be in the first month of the year( see calendar below).



After the death of the Roman Emperor Constantine who was the founder of Roman Catholicism, pope Sylvester who succeeded him as, died on 31st December 335 AD, and the so called “new year” celebration was decided as honor in memorial of his death. That is why it is called the FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER.

Satan in many crafty ways, has changed the Times and Laws of God, and we the Saints(believer) are obeying Him just as the Lord had long warned in Daniel 7:25.

Certainly there are many knowing this for their very first time, but this shouldn’t be a surprise because God had told Daniel:

You must go now, Daniel, because these words are to be kept secret and hidden until the End comes. Many people will be purified. Those who are wicked will not understand but will go on being wicked; only those who are wise will understand.” Daniel 12:9-10.

We are today in the end times which God spoke of, and that is why He has raised this Ministry to use in reveling these things which may look so strange and opposite to the old trend or standards of the world.

To take side with LIES in the name of glorifying the God of truth and Holiness is to be deceived. Satan will hurry many who are reading this, to quote some texts of Paul’s letters out of context as defense, not paying attention to the warning :

“ ..Paul wrote to you, using the wisdom that God gave him. ...There are some difficult things in his letters which ignorant and unstable people explain falsely, as they do with other passages of the scriptures...But you my friends, already know this. Be on your guard, then so that you will not be led away by errors of lawless people..” 2nd Peter 3:15-17.

Did Apostle Paul we always hurry to quote, followed all these Satan’s LIES that we are following today? Certainly not! The scriptures can never be contradictory!

If I say no to memorial death celebrations of my long death ones because God says no, I should equally say no to the memorial death celebration of Saint Sylvester disguised as new year!

Satan and man thinks that God is so confused and stupid that He created an imperfect work for them to restructure the way they want. When God says this, they say the opposite! Yes, God and his rebellious challengers! Many who don’t yet know God, may belittle this! But it means much to him, and that is why he expresses it in Daniel 7:25 (Satan will change the Times and laws of God, and the Saints will obey him).

For those who have been really ignorant of this, God understands! But for me whom He knows he has convicted , I will be the greatest rebel and fool before him, to consciously abandon his TRUTHS and turn to obey SATAN’S LIES. If you want to know more, search about the FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER in the net.


- Father, we pray that you open our minds to understand what you are trying to tell us in these last days!

- Quicken our hearts to always bring to you in a humble spirit to find out from you, your truths on matters that we don’t really understand, than just hanging on mere assumptions, or misunderstanding of the scriptures, and believing in Satan’s lies.

- Open our minds to understand as you speak to us, so that we may be faithful in obeying you!

- Father, you said: Enoch walked and pleased you! May you equally lead us to walk in your truth and please you!


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