Aim and Shot Without Missing  your Target…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

                                      From  Br  Ezra O. C

Dear Brethren, this orientated  precise  targeted  arrow  or bullet  prayer below is for you and me to shot  the enemy (Satan and his demons) with now,   more than we have ever done.

The  world’s Radios  made an announcement of a report  of Common Wealth Nations with concerns on upholding  and protecting HOMOSEXUALITY , which in it sense is the propagation of this evil worldwide on pretext of defending Human rights! All these are wicked plots of the devil to enforce the legalization of this EVIL  that led to God’s  destruction  by fire of Sodom& Gomorrah ,  on  its  member states.

With all the socioeconomic misery plaguing the world, it is a tragedy that what they can better  see to handle is, HOMOSEXUALITY!

We are already seeing the anger of God pouring  down on America and Europe , through SOCIOECONOMIC  HARDSHIP   because of their front line positions in the propagation of this evil.

If we are for the jealousy  of the Holiness of our God like Phinehas and win his favor(Numbers 25:6-13), then it  is time we  arise through violent prayers against  these wicked  forces of HOMOSEXUALITY, as not to be cooperates before God, for having discern this coming, but failed to do anything about it.

 Some American brethren told me, they now regret for having sat and folded  their arms and watch the devil use their authorities to barn the talking about Jesus Christ in Schools, the endorsement of  abortions and the  legalization of  homosexuality.

They confirmed that  in an environment where it is the game of numbers coming out that wins the order of the day,  they failed to do this, while the homosexual practitioners and promoters  always came out in numbers to  demonstrate.

Now, they don’t know from where to begin. They are even afraid just to cough a word against HOMOSEXUALITY, because they would be  dragged  to court for “Hate speech” , Homophobia  etc” .

Now the evil is being promoted and youths are following it as a societal role model.

Just a month ago, unbelievers in India successfully used the weapon of fasting to bring their governing authorities to pass good laws! The seem to understand the legitimate use of divine weapons in favor of their nation more than us the believers.

Brethren, has God not given us  the authority  in Christ to enthrone and overthrow, to uproot and overthrow, pull down and destroy the works of the devil, and plant and build the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ? Why are we then so dorsal and allow Satan and his demons just do whatever they want over the earth that the LORD had given us to subdue and dominate for his glory?

The Lord says: " God doesn't need to set a time  for me  to go and be judged  by him. He doesn't  need an investigation to Remove LEADERS  and REPLACE  THEM WITH OTHERS.... He OVERTHROWS them and crushes them by night. He punishes sinners where ALL can see it, because  they have stopped following him and IGNORED  His COMMANDMENTS" Job 34:23-27




     -          In the mighty name of  Jesus, we bind the principalities, wicked forces of darkness  and legions of  demons operating in the airs, lands, deep seas and oceans  to  propagate this evil of  HOMOSEXUALITY, worldwide through the use of state authorities to legalize and endorse it on its people, in the mighty name of Jesus!

    -          We drag you wicked  spirits Of Homosexuality before the judgment throne of God, and judge you to destruction. Receive burning coals and sulphur and be consumed  right now, paralyzed and be render powerless in the mighty name of Jesus.

    -          We uproot you and overthrow, pull and project you into the bottomless pit to be there until final judgment and eternal lake of fire in the mighty name of Jesus. 

      -          Every league or associations( occults, etc ..), upon the face of the earth: From North to south, West to East of the world promoting the propagation of HOMOSEXUALITY, we release the sword of division of tongues amongst you. Be in total confusion of tongues and never come into one agreement, and so be SCATTERED  in the mighty name of Jesus.

      -          With  iron rod in our hands, we break down and shatter to pieces like clay pot is shattered, all  the chains of Homosexuality that Satan has bind the heart, mind, will and emotions of its victims with, and set the captives free for the salvation  of their souls, in the mighty name of Jesus.

      -          We release the convicting powers of sins through the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of the captives, and bring them to repentance and forgiveness of their sins through the blood of Christ, in the mighty name of King Jesus.

      -          We turn the hearts of  human being upon the face of the earth, against the practice of HOMOSEXUALITY and every other sin, and stand in opposition to it, in the name of Jesus.

    -          Heavenly father, your word says in Romans 13 that every state authority  comes from you, to govern and punish evil doers! But you are witness of these states authorities which instead of punishing evil doers, are instead the promoters of evil! Did you not destroy Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins of Homosexuality?

We stand now on your word of  justice, and drag into the courts of heaven all those authorities promoting this evil practice of Homosexuality, and judge them to be dethroned and replaced by new authorities that will cause the abrogation of the already existing laws propagating and protecting this evil practices , in the mighty name of Jesus.

Continue to release the arrows or bullets as the Holy Spirit may lead you.

As we handle in prayers in the invisible,  in the physical we mobilize  in our various countries against any attempts to  legalize such evil practices by our governing authorities. Therefore, we must be on the watch and be on the  alert to fire without missing our targets !…/Imminent-End-of-the-World.…? 

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