-Is President Obama A Free Mason And Practicing Homosexuality In The Dark,  as  occultist obligation for  power?

-Why have public show celebrates , been busy organizing fund raising shows for OBAMA’S  Campaigns since he openly declared for guy marriages?

- Is Obama A Homosexual In The Dark, And Has Been  Obliged By  His Sect To Openly Declare Support  For It, As Condition For More Funds From public Show Homosexual and Lesbian Celebrity, To Boast Campaigns For Re-Election  ?

- Why is Obama the only American president in the History of USA, to have publicly declared support for GAY  Marriages? The reasons are far reaching!

- Is the forth coming American Presidential elections, very determinant  before God as to the restoration of  American's Economic might  they enjoyed as favor of their founding fathers being authentic followers of Christ, but taken away and given to China as punishment for  US  becoming the melting point of  world's evil  practices? The bible says: " “...It is God who gives you THE POWER TO GET WEALTH ” Deuteronomy 8:18. Is the oncoming presidential elections to be test to the American people?

 -Can a  sincere and true Christian who knows God and fears him, cast his vote for OBAMA?......"

- What then  will God do to the American nation if the Christians who certainly outnumbered  the population, vote  OBAMA to remain in office?

This Book has in a  very practical way, brought out some facts and photographs to  clearly answer these questions, and many others.

Buy ebook: $18    Pages  380

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